Bill Clinton’s Victims RIP Hillary Clinton for saying they “Misremember” History       

On Friday, Hillary Clinton did a radio interview where she once again brushed aside her role in enabling her sexual predator husband’s criminal escapades.

During the interview she actually accused Bill Clinton’s victims of “misremembering or misinterpreting history.”

Here is the link to the interview with Hillary Clinton.

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On Friday evening’s Laura Ingram show on Fox News, two of Bill Clinton’s victims responded to Hillary’s charge of “misremembering history.”

LAURA INGRAHAM: Paula and Juanita, I want you to listen to something that Hillary Clinton said yesterday in an interview with our friend Rita Crosby on WABC. Let’s listen.

HILLARY CLINTON: Every situation has to be judged on its own merits. And there are allegations that were disproved…

It’s unfortunate that people are misremembering or misinterpreting history. 

INGRAHAM: Paula, “misremembering”?

PAULA JONES: I’m not, I’m not — no-no-no-no-no-no, no. That is so ludicrous, what she just said. I mean, seriously? I cannot believe that that lady would say that. And nothing was misinterpreted. I know what happened to me in that room that day.

And I also know that there was some lady from the New York Times that had quoted — some Miss Goldberg lady — said that she believed Juanita, which I’m happy that she’d believe Juanita.

But she should believe me too. And she said that that was not true about me. Well, how would she know? Did she have some kind of relationship with him or something that she’s been looking at his private parts?

How can she say that I was discredited when I was not discredited?

You know, I mean, the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals was going to take it all the way to trial, and then Bill Clinton settled.

Why would he settle if it had been thrown out at a lower court? People don’t do that if you’re not guilty.

Here’s the full segment from the Laura Ingraham show.

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