Did Bill Clinton Just Try to Buy Off the Attorney General?

If I had told you in 1927 that I saw Eliot Ness secretly meeting with Al Capone, what would you think? Remember that Ness was an agent with the Bureau of Prohibition and Capone ran a large percentage of alcohol in Chicago. It would be natural for you to wonder if Ness was being bought off by Capone. He certainly wouldn’t be the first; Capone owned a number of cops in Chicago. You might look at Eliot Ness a bit differently, right?

On Tuesday of this week, the current Attorney General of the United States, Loretta Lynch was seen meeting with former President Bill Clinton, husband of the presumptive Democratic nominee for President Hillary Clinton. Why would the Attorney General be meeting with the husband of someone the FBI is investigating?

I can’t come up with any reason that would be proper.

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A private meeting aboard Lynch’s plane wouldn’t be an appropriate place to question Bill on anything…


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