Bill Clinton Mistress Sleeps With a Loaded Gun to Protect Herself From This One Woman. Guess Who? [Video]

A woman who claimed to have had an affair in 1983 with then-Governor of Arkansas Bill Clinton told the Daily Mail that she sleeps with a loaded semi-automatic gun to protect herself from Hillary Clinton and her henchmen.

Former Miss Arkansas and 77-year-old Sally Miller is one of many women who have alleged that they had some kind of sexual relationship with Bill Clinton, whether consensual or not. Miller first revealed her relationship with the former president in an interview on the Sally Jesse Raphael show in 1992, less than ten years after the affair had taken place.

In the years following her revelation, she had to put up with suspicious stalkers in dark-windowed SUVs, job losses, suspicious phone calls, even police raids looking for drugs and weapons. Now, Miller is saying that these same things started happening yet again about 4 months ago, and she doesn’t think it’s a coincidence. After all, Sally Miller is preparing to release a memoir revealing all these nitty-gritty details about her relationship with Bill. From the Daily Mail:

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It began In August 1992, she claims, with a sinister invitation from Clinton operative who offered Miller a lucrative federal job if she promised to be a “good little girl” – an offer she declined.

“They said, ‘If you don’t take the job, we know where you go running, and we’ll break your pretty little legs,’” Miller claims. “They said life isn’t going to be fun anymore – and they meant it.”

Miller later found the back window of her jeep shot out from the inside with a handful of shotgun cartridges left strewn across the back seat.

When she reported it to the FBI she says she was nearly knocked down outside their office by a car with no plates.

Miller claims she was also contacted out of the blue and pestered for dates by a string of young married suitors, including a doctor and a handsome lawyer called “Eric.”

“Eric was a plant from the Democrats in Arkansas,” Miller claims. “He admitted it. I think they wanted me to be caught in another liaison and so they could say she’s a scarlet woman.”

Her career suffered too, she alleges. She says the Democrats made a mysterious $1 million donation to her alma mater, Lindenwood College, Missouri. She was later fired from their admissions department.

In 1994 she attempted to leave the controversy behind by accepting a radio job broadcasting for the blind in China, a country she loved and where she enjoyed an elevated profile having become the first woman to run the entire length of the Great Wall four years earlier.

But her new life went awry, she says, when the Clintons arrived in Beijing for a 1998 state visit and her hotel room was mysteriously raided by Chinese soldiers and what she says were American agents, apparently looking for drugs and weapons.

“They told the manager I was a drug dealer who had fled the United States to avoid prosecution,” she claims. “It was a warning that they could find me anywhere, anyplace, anytime.”

Miller says it’s not so much about what she’s already told the public about Bill that has Hillary Clinton after her. It’s about what Bill told Sally in confidence about Hillary.

One “pillow-talk” tidbit apparently revealed by Bill was that Hillary “doesn’t like sex.” According to Miller’s recollection of what Bill told her, Hillary prefers females. (Hardly a shocker.)

Whatever else Sally Miller is preparing to release in her memoir entitled The Beauty Queen: Let No Deed Go Unpublished, it’s enough to lead Miller to believe the Clintons, particularly Hillary, are capable of anything. She told the Daily Mail:

“With the election coming up she can’t afford any sort of loose end. She’s the closest thing you can imagine to Al Capone. I don’t think she is going to rest until she puts me to rest.”

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She posted this to Facebook a few weeks ago:

There was a time I contemplated suicide. It’s no secret…. after being labeled a Bimbo; being relentlessly attacked by Hillary and her professional henchmen; after losing jobs, all sources of income, and finally having my daughters reject me… I lost the will to live. It was only when I saved the life of my now best friend— Cubby Dog— I realized my self-worth.

In this election year, if you read I died….by committing suicide….don’t believe it.

Among other revelations, Sally Miller also said that Bill Clinton would snort cocaine at her house, smoke marijuana, and prance around in her lingerie while playing his saxophone.

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