Will Bill Clinton Be Prosecuted For Having an Illegal Meeting with the Attorney General? [VIDEO]

To claim the Bill Clinton-Loretta Lynch meeting demonstrates “bad judgment” completely misses the point.

I often find Howard Kurtz of Fox News insightful and I think this video about the Bill Clinton-Loretta Lynch meeting did make some good points. However, ultimately it fell short.

Kurtz isn’t able to get beyond the media spin about the Bill Clinton-Loretta Lynch meeting. He says it demonstrates bad judgment.

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No, it doesn’t.

Both Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch knew that it was illegal for her to meet with him, especially when the meeting was unrecorded and had no other witness present except for Lynch’s husband.

The only way it shows bad judgment is if we assume that it was an entirely innocent conversation. We may not have any proof regarding the content of their communication, but one begins an investigation not after one has absolute proof (because at that point there would be no reason to investigate), but when one has a reasonable suspicion that a crime has taken place.

Instead of insisting the issue is Bill Clinton’s bad judgment, why not consider that he had “good reason” for the meeting?

As it stands, the media asks us to believe that two people with considerable experience in law and politics just happened to show bad judgment at the same time in the same place about the same issue.


A much more reasonable theory is that they had something they needed to discuss privately so they met despite the law and despite the probability that the media would discover their meeting. Plan A was to try to keep the meeting secret. Plan B was to brazen it out and claim they talked privately about their grandchildren.

There are only two arguments against this theory.

  1. Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch are too honorable to have any need to have a secret meeting.
  2. They would never expect to get away with it.

The first argument is absurd. The second argument is disproved by the media. They ARE getting away with it.

All the rhetoric about Bill Clinton hurting Hillary’s campaign is actually a whitewash of Hillary Clinton. There is no reason to believe that the Bill Clinton-Loretta Lynch meeting took place without her knowledge or apart from her orders.

Every witness to that meeting should be deposed under oath, including Clinton and Lynch. Lynch should resign or be impeached for a gross violation of her obligation to avoid the appearance of impropriety, AND the real possibility of impropriety should by thoroughly investigated.

But none of that will happen if the media insists this is a matter of “bad judgment.”

Imagine if one of Donald Trump’s children had met with the judge in the Trump University case and both had insisted that the half-hour conversation was innocuous. Would the media say this was a matter of “bad judgment”? Would they say that Trump was a victim of “bad optics”?

Give me a break.

This is an opportunity for the public to recognize the brazen criminal corruption of our ruling oligarchy. It is also an opportunity for the oligarchy to train the public to turn a blind eye to their brazen criminal corruption.

Which will we choose?

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