Bill Clinton Heckled at Hillary Campaign Event: “You’re a RAPIST!”

Bill Clinton was interrupted during a Hillary Clinton campaign rally in Wisconsin over the weekend when a man in the crowd stood up and began shouting that Clinton was a “rapist”! Clinton attempted to remain cool through the commotion, even saying that he felt “sorry” for the man.

While waiting for the man to be removed from the rally Clinton remarked:

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“Oh yeah? You gotta feel sorry for him — they had a bad day yesterday, so they’re trying to make it up. This is what is the matter with politics. When other people pour poison down your throat, don’t drink it.”

Here’s the problem with Bill’s attempt to play off the “rapist” attack… it’s not just political “poison.” It’s well-reported and substantiated allegation. There are more than a handful of women who have spoken out about the former President’s willingness to sexually abuse the women around him, and to play it off as “politics as usual” is just plain wrong. This isn’t a right-wing conspiracy, it’s Bill Clinton’s lust for power (and sex) that has earned him the well-deserved reputation as a sexual deviant.

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