Bill Clinton and George W. Bush bring a Little Levity to the USA

What does it say about the state of our nation’s politics that we sometimes wish for the halcyon days of the Clinton-era? Back then we thought times were really tough, and the politics were very ugly… little did we know how good (and how bipartisan) we had it.Fast forward some 20 years and we are mired in the black hole that is “fake news” media, hyper-partisan attacks, constant calls for impeachment (based on no evidence), and the left-wing calling for violence against the right and the silencing of their political opponents. No wonder we’re missing “the good old days.”

Thankfully, not everyone in politics is hateful, spiteful, and looking to destroy their opponents.

Recently, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush appeared together in Dallas, Texas, at the graduation ceremony of the Presidential Leadership Scholars at the George W. Bush Institute. The entire event was a showcase of amiable hospitality and the mutual admiration and friendship between Presidents Clinton and George W. Bush was clearly visible. Even better, the two men gave us the two funniest moments in politics that we’ve had in years.

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The first came during their appearance together speaking before the graduates and gathered guests:

When Clinton argues that the best thing in politics is to be “underestimated,” Bush remarks “I was pretty good at that!” And the crowd roared with laughter… it was a genuinely hilarious moment, and just one of a few good moments shared by the two men during their appearance.

Afterward, Bill Clinton may have stolen the show with what will likely become the funniest political meme/photograph in the history of presidential politics. I’m not exageratting.

See for yourself.

Here is President Clinton… between two bushes… er, two Bushes.

Are you kidding? That is stinkin’ hilarious.

Benny Johnson at IJR gets us a closeup of the very funny moment.



Thank you Benny Johnson, a great big H/T for finding these nuggets of hilarity.

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