Bilderberg Group’s Top Priority: The Popularity of Populism?

While it may seem like there are more conspiracy theories than ever to sift through, thanks to the internet, the reality of the situation is just slightly different…and a bit more disturbing.

You see, it’s not that there are more theories out there, per se, rather, that there are more people out there disseminating their own take on current events.  Certainly, given the plain truth of mathematics and variety, there are going to be some outliers within the masses whose ideas don’t line up with the mainstream ideologies, and sometimes those ideas take hold in a big way.

Some of those theories have been around for quite a long time.  The assassination of John F. Kennedy Jr. comes to mind, as well as a number of wild ideas about what truly happened in the run-up and aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York City, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Another massively widespread alternative theory for the existence of the Bilderberg Group has been part of the modern ethos as well, tying a number of globalist stalwarts into the fold of Illuminati/New World Order lore.  Now, as the group is preparing to meet in Italy in the coming days, their alleged agenda will once again have the conspiracy gears turning.

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The annual elitist confab is set to meet this week in Turin, an appropriate venue given that Italy has just elected an anti-mass migration, eurosceptic coalition government.

According to the group’s official website, the number one topic of conversation at this year’s secretive meeting will be “populism in Europe”.

Having failed to install a former IMF technocrat after coalition talks between the 5 Star Movement and Lega parties temporarily broke down, globalists will undoubtedly be expressing alarm at the potential for Italy to be an example to the rest of Europe.

The country’s new populist government has vowed to deport 500,000 migrants, re-assert localism over globalisation & monopoly capitalism, monitor mosques and reinvigorate the country’s Christian heritage, all policies that directly contradict the neoliberal globalist consensus that Bilderberg represents.

Populism has been at the heart of the American conservative awakening as of late, and our European counterparts of whom Bilderberg is rightfully frightened have aligned themselves wholeheartedly with U.S. President Donald Trump on a number of issues, not the least of which is immigration.

Europe has been in the grips of a refugee crisis stemming from the civil war in Syria, and exacerbated by the European Union’s insistence that member nations agree to host and inordinate amount of these migrants as quickly as possible.  The ensuing lack of border security and background checks have allowed ISIS and other caliphate organizations to infiltrate the European mainland with agents of chaos, who have delivered terrorism to the EU with unprecedented frequency in recent months.

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