This Republican Governor is Scared of Big Business Crony Capitalists

For years, the Democrats have used big business and Capitalism as a stick to beat the GOP with, and especially in debates. While most Americans have lost the ability to differentiate between a free market and crony Capitalism, the Democrat has capitalized from the latter to destroy the former.

Now, it seems this same tool is going to be the spear tip that kills our religious freedom as well. If you have not been paying attention, there is a fierce battle over the LGBT agenda being waged in two states.

The first is over the ability of business owners to refuse to do things that they believe are morally wrong (free market). This was being fought in Georgia. There, the legislatures passed a bill preventing these small businesses from being sued for discrimination.

The second was over public bathrooms. There the state legislature passed a bill that prevented the use of bathrooms by people of the opposite sex. And as I reported, pressure has been placed on both by large enterprises and sports organizations. The first has caved.

The Washington Times reports

The influence of the entertainment and business lobbies was powerfully felt Monday when Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal knuckled under to a tidal wave of pressure by vetoing a religious liberty bill.

Mr. Deal, a Republican, said House Bill 757, which sought to protect religious wedding vendors from participating in same-sex marriage ceremonies, was not warranted in Georgia, where no such disputes have risen — yet.

The legislature seemed to be concerned to preempt any such suit so that the law would be there to protect the citizen. Instead, the cash cows rule in Georgia. This proves the death of a representative form of government in Georgia. The state representative nor the governor makes the laws in the place of Georgian citizens. Rather, it seems Walt Disney and the NFL makes the laws.

This is a sad day. I hope Deal gets a lot for the citizens of Georgia in place of their liberty. No matter if he earned for each and every Georgian $1 Million, that would not begin to pay back what he has just given away.

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