As Big Brother Continues Global Takeover, Many Turn to “Dumbphones”

While the internet should be heralded for the major advancements that is has brought to society, its breakneck pace of development has many concerned for their privacy.

In terms of modern society’s long history, the internet has been a staple of global life for barely the blink of an eye.  This incredibly engaging and powerful tool has helped to make enormous strides in the way that the entire world works, connecting people’s expertise and resources in unprecedented ways, but that is only one side of the proverbial coin.

Given the exponential rate at which this technology has been growing, it has been increasingly difficult to keep up, legally.  The internet, (and the so-called “internet of things”), have invaded our lives in unbelievable ways over the course of just the last few years.  “Smart” devices within the home are analyzing your shopping and chore patterns to increase the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns that you see on Facebook and Google.  Your phone is also likely listening in on your everyday conversations in order to detect key phrases for advertisements, and the latest product from Apple requires facial recognition technology in order to be used.

All told, there are few agencies able to legislate limits on this technology at the same, wild speed that developments are being made, leading many to believe that there is little hope of every reigning in the tech giants behind these devices and algorithms.

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That is why an increasing number of citizens are turning to so-called “dumbphones” to maintain their own singular sovereignty.

“The $150 Light phone, which only makes and takes calls, transfers them straight from your smartphone, giving you a break from technology.

“The $295 Punkt phone lets you talk, text, set alarms and use a calendar.

“Nokia has also launched a’back to basics’ version of its mobile device, citing durability and battery life as reasons to buy.

“’I think there’s a lot to be said for a product that makes you nostalgic,’ said Darren Zygadlo, creator of

“’We’ve hit a point where we can pretty much do everything with these phones and I think some people are finding themselves saying, “What do I need all that for?”‘

“Having evaluated the Punkt model, he says stripped down cell phones could be the next trend.

“’I think some will gravitate to dumpphones because they want simplicity. They want their lives back.’”

Not only are these devices making it simpler for human beings to return to productivity, but they aren’t too shabby looking either.

With information increasingly becoming the currency of tech giants such as Facebook and Google, being able to step away from their schemes is an extremely worthwhile ability that we all have, but which we don’t all exercise.  We must remember that these gargantuan platforms do have a political agenda that many of us tend to not agree with, and every piece of information they glean from us is being utilized in their war on our lifestyle.

Maybe it is time to cut their umbilical cord to our private information?

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