Big Brother Comes to Boston for Boat Race Via Drone Swarms

For decades, fringe journalists have attempted to warn us that an Orwellian future was just around the corner for We The People.

Often, these harbingers were ignored or talked down from the ledge by the mainstream media community who have consistently been unable to see the forest for the trees.  Meanwhile, our overreaching federal government has been slowly creeping toward a big brother-like reality.  One of the most obvious components of this transition has been the heavy use of surveillance which is justified by our media’s never-ending montage of fear propaganda.

Now, as Boston prepares for another race, not so unlike the race that was marred by tragedy years ago, the city is handing over a fair amount of freedom in the face of fear.

“Law enforcement agencies plan to use drones for aerial surveillance during Sail Boston, the Massachusetts State Police said Friday.

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“At least one drone will hover over Castle Island, and others near the event will be under the control of law enforcement, the statement said.

 “Members of the public are not allowed to fly drones over the event because of its proximity to Logan International Airport, police said.”

Bostonians are still reeling from the events of the Boston Marathon bombing just 4 years ago, in which the city underwent a transformation to martial law seemingly overnight, as authorities searched for suspects in the attack.  Military-police vehicles roamed the streets, and warrantless searches of private residences became the new norm.  Boston, one of America’s earliest and greatest cities, had failed to heed the warnings of our founding fathers as they pertained to freedom and fear.

Now, as these drones buzz overhead, innocent Americans will be spied upon from on high, with no real right to privacy.  The 4th Amendment, null and void in Boston, has been dying a slow death over the course of the last few decades thanks to surveillance state antics such as this.

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