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Biden’s Boastful Brag May Belie Something Far Bigger Than Believed

Yesterday’s American election sent mixed signals to every corner of the nation, not the least of which was Washington D.C., where the results were interpreted a myriad of ways.

The nation’s most watched races in Virginia were particularly noteworthy, due to the democratic victories there.  The liberal media has predictably latched onto this shift in the state as a sign of revolt against President Trump, however, that isn’t quite accurate.

The republican candidates of Virginia didn’t particularly care for Donald Trump, and certainly weren’t embracing the “drain the swamp” ethos of the Commander in Chief, hoping instead to skate by on their own establishment traditions. This backfired horribly, as the American people are actively looking for major changes to the “business as usual” creed of the Beltway.  If anything, this was a revolt against the GOP establishment in favor of Trump.

Now, another piece of collateral information has come to the forefront, and could be the first of many indications that 2020 will be a wild year in politics.

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“Former Vice President Joe Biden, a Democratic favorite to run for president in 2020, is taking some credit for the Democratic victories in Tuesday’s elections.

“’Nearly every single candidate that I endorsed,’ he emailed supporters, ‘was elected.’

“Biden has been making moves to position himself for the 2020 Democratic primaries. He is the clear heir to the Obama coalition who some consider more electable than Sens. Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren.

“He recently came in second in a Zogby Analytics 2020 poll, but he trailed former first lady Michelle Obama, who has indicated she isn’t interested in running.

“Biden also said that he plans to push for the election of Democrat Doug Jones in the Alabama Senate race to fill former Sen. Jeff Sessions’ seat.”

The former Vice President’s plans to run for office during the 2016 election were put on hold after the death of his son Beau, and the elder Biden has publicly admitted his uncertainty on that decision in the past.

By becoming the braggart that he has, Joe Biden has begun the process of cementing his political wit with a despondent democratic base yearning for absolution after the horrific effort put forth by Hillary Clinton and the DNC last go round.  Unfortunately for the doomed dems, the consistent tales of their own corruption seething from the DNC and its members will likely sink their ship long before the first turn of the rudder in 2020.

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