Biden Dumbfounded on Clinton Emails, Disgusted by Weiner!

There are a few liberals out there who we love to disagree with, but we love it even more when they drop their political guard and actually say something honest. Vice President Joe Biden is one such character, he is always outspoken and he has a knack for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. If he were a Republican he would have been run out of Washington, D.C. a long time ago. Liberals would have ridden him out on a rail for being politically incorrect, misogynistic, a touch racist, and plain old creepy. Fortunately for him, because he is a liberal Democrat, he’s instead usually described as eccentric and lovable. Yes, it’s hypocritical, but it also means that we keep getting to hear him say stupid stuff.

On Friday, Biden appeared on CNN with Michael Smerconish and spoke about Hillary Clinton’s email scandal where he admitted that the problem would not exist had Clinton acted differently. However, when Smerconish mentioned that the latest problematic emails actually came from the FBI’s investigation of Anthony Weiner, Biden dropped all pretenses and responded candidaly.

Joe Biden: I don’t know where these emails came from…

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Michael Smerconish: Apparently, Anthony Weiner.

Joe Biden: Well. Oh, God. Anthony Weiner. Um… I should not comment on Anthony Weiner. I’m not a big fan. And I wasn’t before he got in trouble, so I shouldn’t comment on Anthony Weiner.

Joe Biden is ratings gold, folks. Ratings Gold. Seriously, when his time in D.C. is over, can’t you see him as the next star of the Apprentice or some other similarly styled reality TV show? The network that picks that show up will be printing money as people tune in each week to see who Joe offends next, or what taboo lifestyle choice he jokes about.

Just remember, you heard it here first.

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