Koch Brothers

BEYOND BOLD: President Trump Puts “The Powers That Be” ON NOTICE!

There is no question among Americans of all political affiliations that Donald Trump is a bold and boisterous man hellbent on success.  Of course, what he hopes to succeed at is where the aisle seems to split.

But, objectively, he is a driven man.  He is both competitive and cunning, particularly as it pertains to negotiating and business; two realms in which he has already shown massive success as Commander in Chief.  Not only has Trump pushed the economy to incredible new heights in his scant time in office, but he has managed to makes massive diplomatic moves as well, particularly as it pertains to bringing North Korea back into the global fold.

This has all come while the President continues to maintain his “America First” ethos…something that has more than irked the average democrat, who, willingly or not, has been at the behest of a shadowy philosophy called “globalism”.

Now, as some of the world’s most powerful globalists continue to tinker with their attacks on the populist President, Donald Trump isn’t shying away.  In fact, just today, he invoked the names of some of the most powerful men in the world, officially putting them on notice.

“A puppet for no one”…I believe that this President is no longer messing around.

This attack on the Koch Brothers, who until recently were considered urban legends even in conspiracy circles, is perhaps one of the bolder moves of this presidency, and has this author more than a little concerned as to whether or not retaliation from the purported “illuminati” is coming down the pike now.

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