Beware the Media Lie of the Hike in ‘Hate Crimes’ and Crimes Against Transgender People

Over the last few weeks various media outlets have decried the “increase” in so-called “hate crimes,” especially those against people who pretend to be another gender by insisting they are “transgender.” But, while the number really did climb — in a fashion — the stories use the numbers to lie about such “crimes.”

You know the old saying, “figures don’t lie, but liars figure.” Well, the recent reporting on hate crimes is a perfect example of lairs using statistics to mislead.

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Let’s leave aside the argument that a “hate crime” is a dubious distinction in the first place and let’s take the media’s definition for granted. But, with even doing that we see that the media’s reports are filled with lies.

So, we’ll start with fake news CNN’s November 13 piece entitled, “The number of hate crimes rose in 2016.”

CNN cites the FBI’s 2016 crime statistics to show that, indeed, the number of crimes the agency labels “hate crimes” is larger than it has been in years past. In fact, the cable news outlet’s first chart, sitting right at the top of the piece, bellows that, “Hate crimes spiked around the time of the Nov., 2016 election.”

Yes, CNN is saying hate crime is Trump’s fault:

The FBI’s report puts more statistical weight behind the argument that the 2016 election coincided with an increase in hate crimes, including by those purporting to be supporters of President Donald Trump.

In the days after the November 2016 election, an increase in racist slogans and hateful messages was reported, especially in schools. The Southern Poverty Law Center found 867 cases of hateful harassment or intimidation in the 10 days after the Nov. 8 election.

Calling a “racist slogan” a “crime,” is a VERY lose use of the word “crime,” of course, but regardless. The numbers the FBI cited do show an upswing.

Per CNN:

Thousands of hate crimes — 6,121 — were reported to the FBI in 2016, the report found. That’s up from 5,850 reported hate crime incidents in 2015. The figures are based on over 1,500 incident reports from law enforcement agencies around the country. Other than the increase in 2016, the number of hate crimes found each year by the FBI has decreased since the agency started collecting data in 1992. There were 8,759 hate crimes reported by the FBI in 1996, for instance, although more police departments took part in that survey.

So, if the numbers really have grown, what am I calling a lie? Glad you asked…

The lie is the essential feeling that CNN is trying to sell readers on. CNN is attempting to scare people into thinking the U.S. is a hotbed of racist “hate crimes.”

But, just look at that number of 6,121so-called hate crimes.

There are currently 323.1 million Americans living in the country. That means that the FBI’s cited number of 6,121 “hate crimes” was perpetrated by less than point one percent of our population. And that is if each of those crimes were even committed by separate people.

In other words, the FBI’s number doesn’t show any national epidemic of “hate crimes.” And that is even assuming that every crime the FBI counted really WAS a hate crime in the first place.

Another recent article on so-called hate crimes is undergirded by the same lie that we have an “epidemic” of crimes based on hate with the reports of a rise of crimes against transgender people. Trevor Thomas at American Thinker does a great job destroying the myth that more transgender people are facing violence at the hands of haters.

Thomas goes through recent “reports” in the media that the U.S. is enduring an epidemic of murders of transgender people. The number that many media outlets cite is 25 Americans have been murdered because they had “transitioned” to another gender. Thomas cites media pieces that call this an “epidemic of violence against transgenders.”

But he destroys that claim by noting, “More American Christians were recently killed in a single day [the Texas church shooting] as they peacefully gathered to worship their Creator. Following this horrific event, virtually no one in the mainstream American media wanted to talk about how Christians in the U.S. are suffering an ‘epidemic’ of violence or even that we are merely increasingly under attack.”

Exactly right. 25 people murdered for any reason is a terrible number, to be sure. But it is in no way an “epidemic.”

That wasn’t the end of Thomas’ analysis. He went on to further debunk even that claim that 25 Americans were killed because they were transgender.

I examined online reports of each of the 25 American individuals on the Human Rights Campaign’s “Violence Against the Transgender Community” list for 2017. I looked specifically for mainstream media accounts — such as the Chicago Tribune, the Times Picayune (more than once), the Baltimore Sun, the Miami Herald, and so on. In other words, I looked for news publications that had almost every reason in the world to stick to the LGBT agenda on “transgender” deaths. Though the articles often hopefully hinted that a possible “hate criminal” was behind the murders, there was not one single person the media could definitively claim was the victim of a “hate crime.”

Quite the contrary, more than one “transgender” person died as the result of violently attacking the police. Others were involved in dangerous activities such as prostitution, gang activity, or drug use, and still others had shown themselves to be prone to violence. In other words, much — if not most — of the “violence against transgenders” is due to the poor lifestyle choices of those who reject simple science and morality.

In other words, even that number of 25 murders because the victims were transgender is a sham.

Should we completely dismiss any rise in crime? Of course not. But the alarmism in the media does nothing to help Americans understand the truth and look for solutions.

In the end, what we have here is media sensationalism masquerading as “reporting.” There is no meaningful rise in “hate crimes,” the U.S. is not suffering an “epidemic” of murders of transgender people, and there isn’t any reason for minorities and mental health patients who are confused about their gender to fear living in this great country.

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