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Sanders Supporters Threaten to Kill NYT Reporter for Doing This

A day after New York Times reporters Amy Chozick and Patrick Healy published an article noting that Hillary Clinton had clinched the Democratic nomination according to a survey (!), irate supporters of Vermont socialist Sen. [score]Bernard[/score] Sanders swore out a fatwa, at least on Chozick’s head, prompting her to tweet:

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The mob’s worries that Chozick and Healy had jumped the gun and in so doing skunked Tuesday’s primary races suggest they can’t tell the difference between fear-mongering and objective reporting. Apart from the source ascription in the headline, the article’s lede indicates that “an Associated Press survey of Democratic superdelegates” found that Clinton had locked up “enough of them” to stave off a contested convention.

Despite Clinton’s win last night in the all-important California and New Jersey primaries, Sanders has promised to soldier on in his quest to replace her as the Democratic nominee. The enthusiasm of his backers and relative lack of the same among Clinton supporters suggests Sanders may be in a position to make significant demands at the party’s convention in Philadelphia next month. The “Berners” may, thus, want to hang onto their pitchforks a little longer.

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