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Bernie Supporters Exploited by Russians to Stymy Hillary Clinton Campaign

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The idea that Russia was responsible for the election of Donald Trump is the story that refuses to go away in 2017, even after months of work to understand the reality of the situation.

Previously, the liberals were working their fingers to the bone in an effort to pin all manner of Russian conspiracies on Donald Trump, including the possibility that the Kremlin had used high level espionage to infiltrate the conservative news cycle of the United States.  The theory was the the Russians were planting so-called “fake news” stories with conservative media outlets in an attempt to undermine Hillary Clinton these salacious stories went viral.

Now, after weeks and weeks of investigation into the matter, it looks as though a part of this conspiracy theory could be true, but it’s not going to be the part that the liberal media was so excited to tout during the election and its aftermath.

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“On Thursday, speaking to the Senate Intelligence Committee, Retired Gen. Keith Alexander, the former director of the National Security Agency, reported that Russia, using bots nicknamed ‘Bernie Brothers,’ tried to foment dissent between Bernie Sanders supporters and Hillary Clinton supporters in 2016, then focused on increasing the polarity between Republicans and Democrats.

“Alexander told Democratic committee co-chair Sen. Mark Warner, ‘Senator, I think what they were trying to do was drive a wedge within the Democratic Party between the Clinton group and the Sanders group. And then in our nation between Republicans and Democrats.’

“Roughly two weeks ago, Huffington Post reported that Sanders supporters noticed in 2016 that they were being flooded with attacks on Hillary Clinton that could be traced to Eastern European countries like Macedonia and Albania. Others appeared to be based in Panama and the U.S.”

While it does look as though the possibility of Russian “fake news” infiltrating the U.S. media did occur, it’s not the neat and tidy package of anti-conservative news that the leftists wanted to hear.

Bernie Sanders’ supporters will certainly be devastated to know that they were responsible for the dissemination of Russian propaganda that may have contributed to the nation’s distrust of Hillary Clinton.  One fact that these despondent socialists can use to comfort themselves is that there was plenty of actual news available to completely derail Hillary Clinton’s campaign.  Her entire career was rife with corruption, collusion, and catastrophe.  No Russian tabloid stories could change that.

Another lesson that we can learn from this revelation is that the mainstream media hive mind is far too easy to manipulate.  Once Bernie Sanders’ supporters, who already felt jilted by the DNC, were thoroughly disenfranchised with the idea of a Clinton nomination, they shifted into overdrive to destroy her.  Their opposition went viral because of a very simple premise:  The mainstream media is constantly chasing their own tail.  One network picks up an anti-Hillary story, and the next network must have an exclusive take on it.  This competition allowed for the left to weaponize these “fake news” stories, spread them like the plague, and let CNN and their cohorts do the rest.



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