Bernie to Lay Off Hundreds of Staffers

“Feeling the Bern” the hard way: no free jobs. An no jobs in the states where his campaign pulled out of primaries.

USA Today reports that Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernard Sanders is laying off hundreds of campaign workers. It reports that he told a group of college students that he’s ‘in this campaign to win,’ even as he further cast a vision for a future in which he does not.”

The same day, he confirmed to The New York Times that he “planned to cut ‘hundreds’ of campaign staffers nationwide.”

According to Politico, regardless if Sanders is nominated or not, he’s changed the entire election process. He’s “pulling the party platform to the left and reforming the nominating process.

“Sanders is already making his opening arguments on the campaign trail — the open primary and super delegate questions both landed at the top of his first appearance in Indiana on Wednesday.”

Politico reports that Sanders’ “closest aides have been considering convention end-game scenarios for months” and also focusing on how to engage his supporters more in the areas of increasing the minimum, ensuring everyone has Medicare, and ending fracking in the U.S.

According to CNN, Sanders said even if he doesn’t get the nomination,  “Our job, whether we win or whether we do not win, is to transform not only our country, but the Democratic Party—to open the doors of the Democratic Party to working people and young people and senior citizens in a way that does not exist today.”

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