Bernie Sanders

Bernie Is Going After the Black Vote in California

Bernie Sanders has done well at pulling large portions of the college students from his opponent, Hillary Clinton. He has done well by promising things that they are most concerned about. The students struggle to pay for the rising cost of higher education. So Bernie has promised that he will pay for that for them if he becomes president.

Bernie and Trump’s success has pointed to the fact that politicians are more pitchman than statesman in today’s America. And the pitchman was in Oakland trying to sway black voters to switch sides.

Breitbart reports

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“A nation is not a great nation based on how many millionaires it has or how many nuclear weapons it has,” Sanders said. “Its greatness is measured by how it treated the most vulnerable in its population.”

He added: “The United States is the only major county in the world to not guarantee health care to its people as a right.” Sanders cited Canada, which borders his home state of Vermont, as an example the United States should follow. “And I believe this is not a radical idea,” he said. “It exists in Germany, it exists in Scandinavia and many other countries

It was appropriate that Sanders was standing in a place of worship (Allen Temple Baptist Church, Oakland) because he was seeking to make worshippers of his hearers. No, Sanders did not want the people to worship him, at least not directly. He wanted them to worship the state.

Notice that Sanders takes the normal way the world has judged success, financial prosperity, and exchanged that for financial enslavement. Not only that, but Bernie did this so well that the potential slaves were excited about their future enslavement.

We have to realize that there are only three people that guarantee our wellbeing and provide for it financially; God, a keeper (like a zoo keeper), and our parents. So, then which role does the state fulfill in Bernie’s mind?

By the way, Bernie fails to tell these people that they will be giving all or most of their incomes to pay for these guaranteed services.

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