Bernie Sanders

Bernie Continues To Evade Questions Over Wife’s FBI Investigation

Bernie Sanders grew into the liberal spotlight as a financial deity for the socialist-leaning leftists sick of Hillary Clinton’s rampant corruption.

The normally-independent Vermont Senator, who briefly switched party affiliations in order to compete for the democratic nomination, was seen by millennials as a miracle working in the realm of economics, thanks to his wild ideas regarding democratic socialism, universal healthcare, and college tuition.  Before Hillary Clinton colluded with the DNC to squash Bernie’s chances at winning the democratic primaries, several polls had the grandfatherly liberal faring slightly better than Hillary Clinton in a hypothetical matchup against eventual POTUS Donald Trump.

Now, even though the Senator from the nation’s maple syrup capital has some wayward economic clout due to the misguided millennials who adore him, his wife’s financial malfeasance has been in the spotlight after the FBI opened an investigation into tactics she employed in her role at a Vermont University.  Bernie, who was a massive proponent of government transparency on the campaign trail, has repeatedly refused to comment on his wife’s pending legal trouble, going so far as to say that it’s “a lie”.

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“Facing more questions about Burlington College, Sen. Bernie Sanders is denying that his office exerted any pressure to help secure a loan for the small liberal-arts school once led by his wife.

“Appearing Thursday night on MSNBC, the Vermont independent and former candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination responded directly to allegations from a prominent Republican lawyer regarding the senator’s involvement in helping Jane O’Meara Sanders secure financing for the now-shuttered college.

“‘That is an absolute lie,’ Sanders told journalist Chris Hayes, host of the show ‘All In.’ They spent the bulk of the seven-minute segment discussing health care.

“Lawyer Brady Toensing, vice-chairman of the state Republican Party and former Vermont co-chairman for Donald Trump’s successful bid for the presidency, filed complaints with various federal agencies last year against Jane Sanders. At issue is a land deal she helped broker in 2010 for Burlington College to buy the former headquarters of the state Roman Catholic Diocese in Burlington for $10 million.”

This isn’t Bernie’s first time diverting away from such questions either.

Now that Sanders is no longer running for office, much of the socialist’s behavior has changed dramatically.  Between this financial investigation, his exuberant lake house, and rumors that he exchanged money or favors with Hillary Clinton to concede the nomination to her, many of the Vermont folk hero’s past accomplishments have been called into questions by his throngs of oblivious supporters.


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