Berkley Cancels Class for Possible Anti-Semitic Indoctrination After Complaint

Over the last decade or so, there has been a shift on college and university campuses. Long a place of pro-Jewish and pro-Israel thought, it has now become a hotbed of anti-Semitic movements, clubs, and courses.

And those who had once been the largest non-black supporters for the civil-rights movement has now become the target of hate and slander.

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The left has started to call for the boycott and divestment of Israel. They have begun to call Israel an apartheid state. And now, indoctrination in a class just for anti-Semitic ideals.

Fox reports

The University of California at Berkeley has suspended a course amid accusations it shared anti-Semitic viewpoints and was designed to indoctrinate students against Israel.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports Berkeley suspended “Palestine: A Settler Colonial Analysis” on Tuesday. The newspaper reports Thursday that a syllabus for the one-credit course taught by an undergraduate student says it examines the history of Palestine “through the lens of settler colonialism.”

“The course has been suspended pending completion of the mandated review and approval process,” according to a campus statement that expressed concern about a course that “espoused a single political viewpoint and appeared to offer a forum for political organizing.”

Though I do not support Israel because of Biblical reasons, I do believe they have a right to exist. But, what is worse than simply wanting to deny this sovereign state this fundamental right of existence, they are teaching a false history.

It would teach the students this understanding of a people, Palestinians, losing their native home to invaders. That these people are only trying to win back their homes and all the while, they are living in forced poverty and oppression.

This is a lie. The Palestinians are not a people; they are simply Arabs who lived in Palestine. People that were so full of hate for Jews because of their religion, that they missed the opportunity to have their own country.

Now, they want to turn the people that they blame for Israel’s survival against her. They wish to brainwash Americans into believing this so they can take Israel out. But this is not history it is propaganda.

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