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Berkeley’s Overreaction to Conservative Speaker Is Incredibly Pathetic

While our great nation continues to grapple with the neo-Fascsim of “Antifa” and the radical left, the University of California at Berkeley has become a lightning rod for controversy.

The school has long boasted about being the “birthplace of free speech”, yet their actions in recent months have certainly negated their claim to that throne.  Thursday night will be no different, as conservative figure Ben Shapiro is set to speak on campus with considerable alterations being made in the lead up to his appearance.

“The University of California, Berkeley has ramped up security as it braces to host conservative commentator Ben Shapiro Thursday night, the latest polarizing figure to raise concerns of violence on the famously liberal campus.

“Authorities plan to seal off the campus’ central hub, Sproul Plaza, with a ‘closed perimeter’ around several buildings including where Shapiro is scheduled to speak to a sold-out, 1,000-person audience. There will be ‘an increased and highly visible police presence,’ the university said in a statement.

“For the first time in two decades, officers have been authorized to use pepper spray to control violence after the city council modified a 1997 ban at an emergency meeting this week.

“Berkeley city police chief Andrew Greenwood said officers would make ‘very strong, rapid arrests’ of protesters wielding weapons and wearing masks.”

This bizarrely authoritarian stance has become necessary at ultraliberal locales in recent weeks, as the so-called “Antifa” leftists continue their violent push for a New Civil War.

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Berkeley is no stranger to their asinine antics either.  Back in February of this year, homosexual conservative author Milo Yiannopolous was scheduled to speak on campus.  That engagement was forcibly canceled by the radical leftist population of Berkeley, who decided to attack the free speech of college republicans by rioting, setting fires, and doing millions of dollars in damage prior to the event.  This neo-Fascism sparked a nationwide phenomenon in which these tactics would become acceptable in the eyes of the liberal “social justice warrior”.

Worse still is the reality that these young, misguided Americans have no real concept of the freedoms that this nation provides, nor do they actually concern themselves in political theater.  These violent uprisings against free speech are merely an opportunity for this generation of phone-centric twerps to be seen acting politically in the selfies they take for their social media accounts.  It’s a stunt and a merit badge for this generation who have done little to no research on the subjects in which they are so aggressively engaging.

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