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Berkeley Style Fascism Hits Chicago As Bannon Preps For Speech

Today’s political climate is fraught with peril, and one of the most treacherous paths being undertaken looks to undermine our First Amendment wholly.

The radical left, exemplified by the violent and terroristic Antifa group, is pushing forward with plans to completely neuter the First Amendment for the sole purpose of disparaging and delegitimizing their political enemies.  One of the more poignant examples of this semantical, societal tactic comes to us from the suddenly trending transgender rights “movement” that sprung up just before the election of 2016.  The left clung desperately to this fringe group of hard left liberals in order to provide them with a petri dish in which to mutate.

Now, just months later, Americans are facing social ridicule and overt ostracization for not having memorized the 70-some pretend pronouns that the left have invented into being.  Any political candidate in 2020 who refuses to use the correct pronouns will quickly be ushered behind the figurative woodshed by the social justice mob mentality, ensuring that only the left  can decide who’s fit for office.

This sort of rapid expanse into the fantastical realm of make believe is now limiting our nation’s idea of Free Speech, wherein Americans are being shunned for speaking out against these tactics.  Emotional response is now, somehow, a parameter of what is right and wrong in a way that is has never been before.  In the case of American universities, where our children go to presumably be challenged by uncomfortable ideas, this neo-Fascism is running rampant.

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For instance, at the University of Chicago, there is a very real fear of violence erupting due to the planned appearance of conservative speaker Steve Bannon.

“Students at the University of Chicago are protesting an upcoming campus event featuring former Breitbart News Executive Chairman Steve Bannon.

“Last week, University of Chicago business professor Luigi Zingales invited Steve Bannon, the former executive chairman of Breitbart News, to speak on campus to discuss the issues of immigration and globalization. Although the event doesn’t yet have a date, student protesters have already begun to express their desire to shut it down.

“In a Facebook post, Zingales explained the motivations behind his decision to invite Bannon to campus. Zingales explained that although he doesn’t agree with Bannon’s worldview, he believes that engaging with him could be an effective way to understand some of the emerging issues facing America and the rest of the world.”

The university, unlike its counterparts at UC Berkeley, has stood on the side of Free Speech…at least for now.

“The university has consistently supported free speech rights. In the fall of 2017, incoming freshmen received a letter from Dean Jay Ellison on the topic. In the letter, Dean Ellison stated, ‘At the University of Chicago, we insist that all faculty and students are free to debate, disagree, and argue, without fear of being silenced.'”

Now, should the University become a battlefield, much like we saw in February 2017 at Berkeley, perhaps our nation will be forced to face the ugly reality that the left is currently winning the war against freedom, and that tyrannical Fascsim is only one election away for us if we’re not careful.

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