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Berkeley Could Cancel Free Speech Week Out of Fear of Violence

The idea that Americans of any sort would allow violence to dictate their personal freedoms is an aberration of everything our nation stands for.

Yet, here we are in the year 2017, watching our country capitulate to neo-fascists on the left whose end goal is to ruin the First Amendment for everyone but themselves.

The left has long been working toward a malfeasant manipulation of our most valued freedom by attaching the stigma of emotion to the Constitutional guarantee.  These liberals would like free speech to exist only in cases where the thoughts, words, and ideology expressed can’t possibly hurt anyone’s feelings.  For those of us paying attention to history, this is literally the opposite of what the freedom of speech is all about, but convincing the newly radicalized left of this is a difficult matter.

By employing violence and neo-fascism, these left-leaning extremists have made free speech a liability in places such as Berkeley, California, where the city’s mayor is now considering canceling Free Speech Week on account of these discriminatory demonstrations by “antifa” and other liberal terror groups.

“Mayor Jesse Arreguin told the San Francisco Chronicle Monday he didn’t want the University of California, Berkeley ‘being used as a punching bag’ in the wake of Antifa members’ attack on conservative demonstrators.

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“’I am concerned about these groups using large protests to create mayhem,’ Arreguin told the newspaper.

“When asked during a subsequent interview with KTVU if it was fair for a conservative group to cancel its event when recent violence was caused by left-wing actors, the mayor said his concerns have nothing to do with the content of speech.”

Unfortunately for Berkeley, they cannot outlaw this cake and eat it too.

Free speech must remain untouchable by societal trends, especially the whims of these miscreant millennials who are simply acting out in order to gain internet notoriety among their peers.  Eventually, once these children head back to college and educate themselves on the history of our nation, and the importance of the First Amendment, we can work toward forgiving them for the sins of 2017.  Until then, every American must stand steadfast with one another in believing that the freedom of speech is the mightiest of liberties bequeathed upon us by the founders.

As for Berkeley’s mayor, it may be time to hit the books as well.

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