Berkeley-Based ISIS Wannabe Had Dastardly Plan to Kill 10,000 Americans!

While the nation continues to reel from the violence inherent in the radical leftist mobs that are prowling our streets, another, older threat has once again reared its ugly head.

I’m speaking of course about ISIS; the radical Islamic caliphate organization that has, for years, attempted to undermine all of western civilization through the use of religious terrorism, death, destruction, and hatred.

These are the people responsible for the spate of attacks that have taken place across migrant-ridden Europe over the course of the last few years, including several concert attacks, vehicular rampages, and shrapnel bombs.  These are also the evildoers responsible for inspiring American mass shooter Omar Mateen in Florida, and the San Bernadino terror couple.

Now, another young man, radicalized by a hatred for America and a burning desire to please the caliphate, has been thankfully thwarted before he was able to commit his crime…an attack that very well could have killed thousands of Americans.

A graduate of Berkeley High School in California, who reportedly told authorities he wanted to help ISIS kill 10,000 people in the San Francisco Bay Area, pleaded guilty to federal charges Wednesday, while his attorney claimed he was a victim of the “system.”

Amer Sinan Alhaggagi, 23, of Oakland, pleaded guilty to trying to provide material support or resources to a foreign terrorist organization, possession of device-making equipment and identity theft, said officials of the state’s Department of Justice.

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Authorities arrested Alhaggagi in November 2016 after he bought clothes online with a phony credit card, but he was held so federal authorities could continue to investigate him, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Somehow, Alhaggagi’s attorney is claiming innocence, and blaming authorities.

His attorney, Mary McNamara, told the East Bay Times that Alhaggagi’s actions were “stupid mistakes” and he “had no intention to do anything.” She called the government’s action a “failed sting operation.”

“The government sent out an undercover agent to get Amer to actually do something, take a step toward a terrorist offense,” she said. “He just wouldn’t do it.”

Given the recent track record of the American intelligence community, it is refreshing to see that Alhaggagi was actually apprehended, as opposed to being allowed to continue down this evil path.  Much different results have been witnessed by Americans over the course of the last few months, as a number of mass shooters, the aforementioned Mateen included, were reported to national authorities in the weeks ahead of their rampages.

They remained unimpeded in their quest, costing the lives of dozens of innocent Americans.

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