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Berkeley Again Atop the Neo-Fascism Pile With Ben Shapiro Censorship

There has been an intensely amoral push among the radical leftists of the nation to destroy the concept of American free speech.

While the freedom of speech is, without a doubt, the most important bit of liberty afforded us by our founding fathers, the continual decline of the democratic party has come to signify a massive shift in how the left views this sacred right.  The corruption and collusion of the democrats, particularly in the last few decades, has been exposed time and again by the free press, who run against the grain of the liberally-controlled mainstream media.

It is this American ability to transcend the common propaganda being disseminated by the likes of CNN and the New York Times that has frustrated the politically left-leaning neo-fascists of the United States.  Their recent efforts to quell the First Amendment altogether have been focused at the University of California at Berkeley, where a number of conservative speaking engagements have been canceled due to the violent and unethical uprisings of leftist extremists.

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Now, even after being called to the carpet for their capitulation of these anti-American ideals, the far left’s lapdogs at UC Berkeley are continuing their parade toward tyranny this week by refusing to allow tickets to be released for an appearance by Ben Shapiro.

“The campus has yet to release tickets for the Ben Shapiro speaking event hosted by Berkeley College Republicans and the Young America’s Foundation and scheduled for Sept. 14.

“An article by the Daily Wire alleges that representatives for BCR and YAF tried to take up the matter with management of Cal Performances but were unable to set up a meeting. Due to campus’s alleged lack of urgency, YAF set up a link to notify those who sign up of the availability of tickets as soon as they are released.

“BCR and Cal Performances could not be reached for comment as of press time.

“’Planning and preparation for the September 14th event is proceeding, and we are working hard so that this will be a safe and successful event,’ campus spokesperson Dan Mogulof said in an email.

“’There was a long and constructive meeting between representatives of the Berkeley College Republicans (BCR) and event staff from Zellerbach Hall.’”

This is just the latest in a long line of horribly biased decisions being forced by the violent extremists on campus in recent months.

The first such incident occurred back in February when students rioted to force the cancelation of a speaking engagement by gay conservative author Milo Yiannopolous.  The ensuing violence spilled over from campus into the city of Berkeley, causing millions of dollars in damages and forever tainting the University of California at Berkeley as a bastion of liberal fascism.

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