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Ben Shapiro Reveals Media’s INSANE Attempts to Discredit Kyle Kashuv

It is nearly impossible to make it through more than a few minutes of the mainstream media without having an ugly, visceral reaction to the sheer inanity of it all.

We’ve been so accustomed to getting our information from the 24 hour television news cycle, that we haven’t ever given any thought to the true motive of these outlets.  CNN is a perfect example of the concern within, given their role as the archetypal cable news network.

CNN, in order to fill 24 hours per day of programming, produces a whole lot of content.  During the day, much of this content looks like your average local news broadcast with an anchor in front of some cityscape on a screen, repeating the copy that they were handed when their grinding shift began.

In primetime we get the “major players”; Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, and others, whose name alone brings viewers to the table.

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But, no matter who is delivering the news on a network like CNN, there is only one true objective:  Please the advertising overlords whose commercials supports every financial aspect of these supposedly unbiased media outlets.  Obviously, this is a conflict of interest, but Americans don’t always see it like that.  Instead, and especially among the increasingly violent ranks of the radical left, these echo chambers of liberal thought are used to stoke the flames of national dissonance and division.

Such is the case with rags like Vanity Fair, who have been latching on to the two-sided coin of the Parkland, Florida school massacre of last month, in which leftist agitator and would-be Fascist David Hogg appears opposite of his common sense-exuding, rational classmate Kyle Kashuv.

Hogg has been the media’s darling from the moment he decided to involve himself in the Parkland incident by riding his bike to school after hearing about the shooting, in order to record a left-wing propaganda piece from campus.

Now, as Americans watch his antithesis Kyle annihilate leftist gun control arguments on Twitter as if he was batting away mosquitos, the liberal media is out to get Kashuv…including Vanity Fair.


According to Shapiro’s Twitter feed, his conversion with Eichenwald continued, with the latter appearing absolutely triggered that Shapiro would publish the emails above.


So, not only is Vanity Fair amorally conducting unscientific “psychiatric” evaluations of children they’ve never met, using only information gleaned from Twitter, but they are also attempting to discredit a longtime conservative icon in Ben Shapiro at the same time.

Shameful.  Absolutely shameful.

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