Ben Shapiro on How the Hard Left is Threatening Free Speech

“People who are on the hard left think it is actually an insult to their identity if you disagree with them.”

— Ben Shapiro

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Daily Wire Founder and former Breitbart editor (and free speech hero) Ben Shapiro was recently a guest on Joe Rogan’s podcast and the two brave free speech warriors discussed the horrible turn that the left has taken in the debate over freedom of speech.

Shapiro explained that there is a BIG difference between liberals and leftists when it comes to freedom of speech, he also explains that leftists pose a very real danger to our liberty.

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Listen as he explains:

Ben Shapiro: This is one of the reasons why I am very meticulous in my terminology about people who are on the other side of the aisle. I actually separate the liberals and the leftists.

People who try to ban speech — I call them leftists. And if they are not interested in banning speech, I call them liberals. They want bigger government, they disagree with me about politics, they are willing to have a conversation in a public forum.

People who are on the hard left think it is actually an insult to their identity if you disagree with them. And this is what I experience sometimes on campuses. At Cal State LA, where there was a near-riot when I spoke, University of Wisconsin where people stormed the stage… Penn State where we had another near violent incident… or DePaul [University] where they actually banner me outright.

They conflate their viewpoint with their identity, and then if you have a differing viewpoint than you are ‘denying them their humanity.’ No, I’m not denying you your humanity, I just think what you said is dumb.

Joe Rogan: That is a very good point. They have their identity conflated with their ideology. And when you oppose these people, and have these debates with these people, what is really fascinating is the level of hysteria that is reached while you’re staying calm.

Ben Shapiro: That is what I have noticed. I tend to keep relatively calm, just as a human being, but sometimes when you’re debating someone you see them get more and more emotional, and people on the right love this — of course it is ‘The Triggering Of The Snowflake.’

The easiest thing in the world to do is trigger some idiot college kid who doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. What is hard to do is to actually discuss issues with someone who is intelligent enough to make the point, but the level of hysteria on the campuses has really increased.

I now have to travel with two members of security to every campus, just because you don’t know where it will happen. I never had to travel with security before — it is the weirdest thing in the world…

February of 2016 is when I started traveling with security…

You can see the full episode below: 🇺🇸

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