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BBC Host Says To “Get Used” To Islamic Terror, We Will “Never” Wipe it Out

There is now, and has always been, an alarmingly defeatist attitude among the mainstream media’s platitude of pundits, especially as it pertains to radical Islamic terrorism.

Given the liberal ideology surrounding the threat, it really comes as no surprise.  Leftists, spurred on by the ignorance of one Barack Obama, have virtually refused to believe that radical Islamic terrorism even exists, let alone that it could be a threat to world around us.  During the aforementioned democrat’s disastrous rein, he and his most ardent supporters simply refused to acknowledge the dangers of, or even utter the phrase “radical Islam”, for fear of offending peaceful Muslims.

Of course, give the global spike in terror caused by the Syrian refugee crisis, and the conservative uprising in America, the old rules no longer apply.  President Trump and his administration are working diligently to stymy the threats of middle eastern refugee-terrorists, including a direct appeal to those governing the region to assist in the global war on terror.

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Unfortunately, global media entities are continuing to follow the absurd and arrogant path of leftists such as Barack Obama, with one BBC reporter going so far as to tell the world that we should “get used to it”.

“Following the Manchester bombing that just rocked the UK, BBC host Katty Kay said that Europeans have to get used to more Islamic terror attacks.

“Speaking on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Tuesday, Kay said that Europeans have no choice but to accept terrorists murdering their children because it’s impossible to get rid of Islamic terrorism.

“’Europe is getting used to attacks like this, Mika. They have to, because we are never going to be able to totally wipe this out,’ Kay said. ‘As ISIS gets squeezed in Syria and Iraq, we’re going to see more of these kinds of attacks taking place in Europe and Europe is starting to get used to that.’

“Kay isn’t the only person to tell people to get used to terror attacks rather than offer a solution.

 “London’s own mayor Sadiq Khan has said that Islamic terror attacks are ‘part and parcel of living in a big city’ following the Manhattan bombing last September.”

This defeatist attitude is wholly unacceptable, according to the millions, or billions, of global citizens who believe that a strong and united effort to eradicate radical Islam is of the utmost importance.  This belief certainly contributed to the electoral battering of Hillary Clinton during the last presidential election, in which the American people wholeheartedly worked to elect Donald Trump – a man who made it a point to outline his strategies for defeating ISIS and other terrorist groups at a bevy of campaign stops.

This attitude has certainly spread around the globe as well, with referendums such as Brexit helping to split Great Britain away from the terror-capitulation of the EU.  In reality, the terror problem is just another symptom of a larger issue with the tenets of globalism being spread by massively wealthy politicians and influencers who believe that a common enemy will help to unite the world under one global government, forever tarnishing the sovereignty of the nations of the world.


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