Baton Rouge Newspaper Editors Tell Clinton: Visit Louisiana Or Else

The Baton Rouge Advocate’s headline reads: “If she wants to be president, Hillary Clinton should act like one, come to Louisiana.”

The editorial was published online late Thursday, arguing Clinton has “made a bad decision avoiding Louisiana since the waters receded.”

The excuse her campaign has given so far is that she hasn’t visited yet because she doesn’t want to “disrupt” the emergency response. What about helping with the response? What about donating $100,000 to the relief effort like Donal Trump did?

The Advocate urged Obama to cut short his vacation, but golf was more important than 40,000 homes destroyed by flood waters. And his eldest daughter Malia was having too much fun getting in trouble and making national headlines for inappropriate behavior, again. But, even Obama came to Louisiana for a photo-op after his Martha’s Vineyard vacation was over.
Donald Trump said Obama’s visit was “too little, too late.” And, it appears that he is the only candidate who seems to care about the flood victims.
Black Lives Matter and the Black Panthers don’t.
And, as in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, no one seems to know where Hillary is, but they keep calling:
Hillary… ? Hillary …? Hillary …?

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