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Barcelona Sends Defiant Message to Radical Islam in Massive Public March

The scourge of international terror is alive and well in Europe, and the people of Barcelona have had enough of living in fear.

In the months since the European Union took it upon themselves to mandate that their member nations take in a quota of middle eastern migrants in hasty and dangerous ways, Europe as a whole has been under the constant threat of attack from radical Islamic terrorists who are exploiting this mandate to travel freely around the continent.

This decreased security and overly-simplified border policy has led to a number of serious and jarring terror attacks in England, Germany, France, Spain, and any other locale engaged in the malfeasant practice set for by the EU.

Now, only days after a terrifying incident took place in Spain that claimed the lives of over a dozen Catalonians, an enormous march took place in Barcelona with the intent of sending a clear message to those in ISIS and other caliphate organizations:  Take your jihad and shove it.

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“Hundreds of thousands marched in Barcelona in a show of unity on Saturday evening amid chants of ‘”I am not afraid” after two Islamist militant attacks in the Spanish region of Catalonia last week left 15 dead.

“The march was led by shopkeepers and residents of the city’s well-known Las Ramblas boulevard, where a van ploughed into pedestrians on Aug. 17, killing 13 and injuring over a hundred. The crowd applauded representatives of the police, fire services and medical professions who also led the march.

“Spain’s King Felipe, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and the head of Catalonia’s regional government Carles Puigdemont, dressed in dark suits, walked in the throng as people cheered and bore red, yellow and white roses – the colours of Spain’s second-biggest city.

“‘We are here to say we’re not afraid, we are united and we want peace,’ said 59-year-old pensioner Victoria Padilla as she marched.”

While this act of courage and defiance is certainly a welcome sign in terror-ravaged Europe, these Spanish protesters’ aim was slightly off.

Instead of sending a message to the terrorists themselves, who are absolutely not going to care one bit about the march, the people of Spain should rise up and reject the European Union’s unacceptable and unethical migrant quotas.  Not only have these mandated maladies created an increased frequency of terror attacks throughout the entire continent, but they severely hamper the sovereignty of the nations involved.


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