Barbara Streisand

Barbara Streisand Lodges ASININE Complaint Against President

The “resistance” and the “unhinged” liberal left are in such absurd opposition to President Trump that it seems as though everything is ammunition.

Every word, nay, every syllable of the President’s public record has been scrutinized over and over again, with armchair experts weighing in constantly on the 25th Amendment and the state of the Commander in Chief’s mental health.

Now, as we reach peak absurdity in the “resistance” itself, even things that the President hasn’t done are now to his detriment, including his history with pets.

This?  This is a valid complaint?

Let me explain a bit of a personal point here:  I am a dog person through and through.  I have never not been a “dog person”.  This is who I am.

I am not upset with the President for bucking tradition here.  Also, as a motivated business mogul in New York City, Donald Trump likely had little time to develop an affection for pets.  This certainly isn’t as unusual as Streisand is implying.

So, again, we have a baseless and nonsensical attack of the President coming from one of the most prominent celebrities in our nation, signaling to the world that Hollywood, like the rest of California, may be trying to jump ship.

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