Barack Obama Passes Leadership of New World Order to Angela Merkel

Despite his stinging defeat, the media suggests that Obama passes torch to German leader.

It is ridiculous to suggest that President Obama passes his torch to anyone, because the outcome of the election has taken the torch away from Democrats and handed it to Donald Trump. Nevertheless, AFP published a story with the headline, “Obama to pass torch to Merkel on farewell visit.”

This is bizarre. What does a defeated President have to give to a foreign politician? The story gives this background to Obama’s meeting with Merkel:

After Trump’s shock victory, Merkel — the leader of Europe’s top economic power — expressed a desire to maintain close ties with Washington.

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But in an extraordinary break with tradition for Germany, which long saw the US as its protector and closest ally, Merkel pointedly said cooperation must be based on shared democratic principles and respect for human dignity.

Analysts said the meeting could be seen as a kind of passing of the torch from Obama to Merkel, who the outgoing president has called “probably… my closest international partner”.

It seems that the New World Order demands Orwellian newspeak. In ordinary language, the President was called the leader of the Free World. But now, the “free world” is equated with a lack of border security and the importation of alien cultures at tax payer expense. Since Donald Trump won by repudiating those ideals, Angela Merkel better fits the media’s definition of the leader of the free world.

What kind of world is it?

Angela Merkel has never wavered from making her countrymen suffer, using their taxes to support the importation of aliens who victimize them.

But the evidence is that she is spitting into the wind. There’s no way her plans will be tolerated. Nigel Farage was interviewed about Merkel’s recent meeting with Obama. According to Fox Business,

U.K. Independence Party acting leader Nigel Farage sounded off on President Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel holding a joint press conference during an interview Thursday on the FOX Business Network’s Varney & Co.

“The poor darlings are in denial,” he said. “They simply can’t face up to the fact that their world view has taken an absolute beating in the year of 2016. It began with Brexit, the first out of the wall, and now we have a Trump presidency in the U.S.A.”

Donald Trump, by concentrating on defeating ISIS, rather than protecting terrorists so they can fight against the Syria regime, will do far more for genuine Syrian refugees than Obama and Merkel. He will end the policies that produce refugees.

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