Barack Obama is the Founder of ISIS – This is Fact, Not Opinion

Recently, the media began hyperventilating about Donald Trump’s, the GOP presidential candidate, decision to call President Barack Obama the “founder” of ISIS.

“ISIS is honoring President Obama. He is the founder of ISIS. He’s the founder of ISIS. Okay? He’s the founder. He founded ISIS. And I would say the co-founder would be “Crooked” Hillary Clinton. Co-founder, “Crooked” Hillary Clinton.”

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Trump later added, “If they gave a trophy for most valuable player, the winner of the trophy for ISIS would probably have to be Hillary Clinton.”



Now, the video is a bit off-putting. Not because Mr. Trump calls Obama and Hillary the “founders” of ISIS though, but because of his decision to say the word “founder” so often in such a short period of time. I mean, the word went weird the third or fourth time he used it. BUT…

Other than overusing the word founder (or founded) he’s exactly, 100% correct here.

There would be NO ISIS if not for President Obama. Moreover, even if ISIS were to exist without the President’s stunningly bad foreign policy, they would be nowhere near as powerful or dangerous as they are now without his help. For all intents and purposes, the Obama/Clinton foreign policy gave birth to the monstrous spawn that is ISIS.

The GOP presidential candidate himself appeared on CNBC to help calm the media’s spasmic reaction to his assertions.



Mr. Trump received support for this idea from his surrogates out in the field as well. On the Thursday episode of CNN’s New Day, former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani sparred with host Chris Cuomo about why Trump was right to blame the Obama/Clinton team for ISIS.

Well, first of all I think what he’s saying there is legitimate, political commentary — legitimate, political…
Well it is true in a sense that before Obama, ISIS was an almost unknown, small little organization, he who called it the JV, totally wrong, and here’s why it happened, because he withdrew the truce from Iraq. 
General Petraeus had secured the Eastern part of Iraq, it was — it wasn’t in turmoil, it wasn’t in revolution, it wasn’t breeding terrorists. He had got then support of the Sunni tribes, when we pulled out and the Obama Administration, and our Secretary of State were unable to get a security of forces agreement for our troops, that’s what ISIS formed.

He also defended Trump on Fox News later in the day.



Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (R-GA) also spoke out to defend and reinforce Mr. Trump’s ISIS comments when he appeared Friday morning on Fox & Friends. Gingrich argued that while Trump may have used “imprecise” language, his basic point is completely accurate, President Obama is to blame for the rise of ISIS.

I strongly support Trump and I think he would be… a much less dangerous president that Hilary Clinton, whose corruption and dishonesty gets bigger and bigger every day.
One of the things that is frustrating about his candidacy is the imprecise language. He sometimes uses three words when he needs ten. For example, I think it is perfectly fair to say, and it is a very powerful debate to say that the Obama-Clinton decision to pull out of Iraq created the vacuum that enabled ISIS to emerge.
If he said that ‘clearly the conditions for ISIS were created by a series of decisions that Obama and Clinton made,’ he would be 100% accurate, it would be very understandable.
But instead he compresses it into ‘Obama created ISIS,’ I know what Trump has in his mind, but that is not what people hear.



This is one time (and there are many others as well) that the media’s righteous indignation with the Trump campaign is completely uncalled for. The facts are clear and the history recent… Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are to blame for the rise of ISIS.

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