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Bannon Picks Up YUGE Piece of Support From INSIDE The Establishment

There is a war brewing within the republican party that could shape the American political landscape for decades upon decades to come.

President Trump will be remembered as one of the original harbingers of this sweeping, forthcoming change, as he and his anti-establishment swamp drainers continue to infiltrate the muck of Washington D.C. at a rapid pace.

The pushback, however, has been intense.  Forces within our government have seen the writing on the wall and have caught the faint whiff of change in the air already, teaming up to detract from the President’s pizzaz in order to maintain the status quo.  This has attracted corporate interests such as Big Oil and Big Pharma to get involved, hoping to keep a tight grip on the already bruised and abused necks of We The People.

One ally that Trump can count on has been Steve Bannon, now back at the desk of Breitbart after a stint in the White House.  Bannon is, in many ways, the ultimate republican outlier.  As a staunch conservative, the one-time adviser to Trump has long rebelled against the greased palms of Washington’s RINO culture, and has vowed to intensify that fight as we began to stare down the barrel of the 2018 midterm elections.

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And now it looks as though he’ll have some substantial help from within the RNC itself. 

“Thursday on ‘Bloomberg Markets,’ Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said she shared the same ‘mission’ of getting ‘a better majority for the president going into 2018’ with the former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon.

“McDaniel said, ‘The great thing about the RNC is we stayed neutral and primaries for this very reason. When you have divisive primaries, and it is competitive, and tempers or emotions flare, we need to bring people together after the primary and let our purpose unite us because we want to keep those seats Republican. I do get concerned about too many primaries depleting resources and taking resources away from the general, so we’ll see what happens, but we are focused on keeping those seats and expanding our majority in the Senate.’”

This is great news for We The People, whose election of Donald Trump can be seen as nothing less than a referendum on the D.C. debauchery that has tarnished the reputation of our great nation.

Bannon will still have his work cut out for him, however, as elitists such as Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan continue in their positions of relative power.  The one advantage that the Washington outsider has, however, is his free reign to work and operate as he pleases outside of the governmental constructs against which he’ll rage.

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