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BANNON BAILS! Breitbart Executive Chairman Steps Down From Site

As President Trump was making his ascension to power, much of the country was focused on the thoughts and opinions of one man’s media empire.

That man was Steven Bannon of Breitbart News.

Bannon has been a leading conservative voice over the course of the last 6 years during his time with Breitbart, boldly taking the conservative media out of the shadows, and demanding that the nation rebel against its mainstream liberal lords.  The one-two punch of Breitbart-Bannon had long been felt by failing networks such as CNN, who were at constant odds with the free press that these two titans promised their droves of followers.

As Americans began to awaken from the liberal lullaby that Barack Obama screeched at our unwilling eardrums, Bannon rose to prominence again.  At first a critic of Donald Trump, the Breitbart teemed tepidly tested the waters of the businessman-turned-candidate’s platform before fully engaging with the soon-to-be Commander in Chief.  Bannon was soon taking a position within the White House as advisor to the President.

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Like a great many that came before him, Bannon was not long for that world, departing 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue after a scant few months.  Regardless of the length of his tenure, however, Bannon and Trump appeared to split on good terms, with Bannon promoting his ability to wage “#War” on anti-Trumpers from his roost at Breitbart.  The site even went so far as to begin printing merchandise under the #War moniker.

Then came reports of a few choice Bannon quotes that were included in Michael Wolff’s book “Fire and Fury:  Inside The Trump White House”, in which Wolff relayed some less than honorable phrases being bandied about the West Wing.  Bannon and Trump had a brief tiff via Twitter over that revelation before Wolff completely discredited the entire work by admitting he wasn’t sure how much of it was true, and admitting that he hadn’t interviewed any cabinet members during his time in the White House.

And let’s not forget the part where Wolff never distinguished between “on” and “off” the record when speaking with White House occupants.

Once Fire and Fury fizzled to a byline, however, it seemed that Bannon and Trump were back to tolerating each other.

Now, after a mere few weeks back at his desk, it seems that Bannon is on to bigger and better things once again.  The decision to step down was Steve’s, according to preliminary sources, and the conservative icon has only the best wishes for the continued success of the site.

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