Baltimore Removes Confederate Statue in Dead of Night to Avoid Violence

The history revisionists are winning their battle to erase all traces of the American Civil War.

The conflict, which highlighted the nation’s struggle with the expansion of states’ rights throughout manifest destiny, was one of the deadliest conflicts in the history of the planet, let alone America.  On both sides of the war there were enormous, unprecedented casualties, as brothers fought one another, and northern generals resorted to scorched earth terrorism in order to bring the Confederacy to its knees.

In the decades that followed, the nation healed, and during this time of healing men and women who were once diametrically opposed came together to recognize the sacrifices of all those involved.  Memorials to men and women on both sides of the conflict were erected, in both Confederate locales and Union cities alike.  The nation was once again one, and a dignified show of respect for the war’s casualties was deemed wholly appropriate.

Now, years after these monuments were commissioned and installed, a new breed of liberal snowflake has decided that they are somehow offended, ignoring the fact that they are devoid of a claim to the conflict itself.  Worse yet, these history revisionists have radicalized, turning into a violent breed of the left.

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To avoid further violence, and shrinking in the face of liberal neo-fascism, Baltimore has capitulated to the radical left.

“All four — the Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Monument on Mount Royal Avenue, the Confederate Women’s Monument on West University Parkway, the Roger B. Taney Monument on Mount Vernon Place and the Robert E. Lee and Thomas. J. “Stonewall” Jackson Monument in the Wyman Park Dell — have been removed.

“On Monday night, the Baltimore City Council passed a resolution calling for the immediate deconstruction of these monuments, days after a ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville, Virginia that drew white nationalists and counter-protesters turned violent.

“WJZ was on the scene for the monument removals in Baltimore, which Mayor Catherine Pugh said began late Tuesday night and finished around 5:30 a.m. Wednesday.

“Mayor Catherine Pugh talked about the removal of the memorials at a city hall press conference Wednesday morning.

“She says she doesn’t know where the statues are headed quite yet, although she said earlier this week that she would like to see them go to one of Maryland’s confederate cemeteries.”

The unfortunate reality is that we will likely see a great deal more of this historical censorship in the not-so-distant future.

Cities such as Atlanta, Georgia are facing similar calls to remove or revise historical symbolism, including one gubernatorial candidate calling for the destruction of the world’s largest bas-relief sculpture on Stone Mountain, merely because the incredible feat of art depicts three Civil War generals.



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