Bad Haircut

My wife recently decided it was time for her yearly haircut. Since we are fairly new to the area, she asked for recommendations. She was guided to a local salon at the mall.

Marilyn went armed with a picture of what she wanted her hair to look like. She has had this same style for about a decade now and it suits her. Well, she came home an hour later and though I thought she looked okay, she headed straight for the bathroom and the curling iron. I know how to take a cue so I scooped up our son and headed to pick our daughter up from school. When I left she was muttering under her breath, growling slightly, and I have to assume that the cloud around her was hairspray since I suspect she wouldn’t try to kill herself by spraying pesticides on her hair simply because she didn’t care for her haircut.

I returned about an hour later and I am not certain whether she was satisfied with what she had achieved or had surrendered. Our daughter — she is a very honest 8 year old with no tact whatsoever — looks at her and says “Mommy your hair’s a mess! You better go wash it.” That is when I made my nearly fatal error. I laughed. We won’t discuss what transpired after that because I would hate to be accused of causing nightmares to those who take the time to read what I write.

She woke up the next day and I heard from the bathroom “Mother of Pearl I look like Joe Dirt!” First off, I did not even know she knew that movie existed. She despises stupid comedy. Second off, after the laughter incident, I was unsure whether to agree with her (she was not wrong), or just keep my mouth shut. In hindsight and after discussions with our pastor, I have decided “You were made in the image of God and are beautiful my darling wife.” I, however, did not think of that at the time. She thankfully saved me from myself and said “Well, it’s only hair; it’ll grow back.”

That got me to thinking what about these poor men who decide they want to be a woman. What if they look in the mirror one day and decide they have made a horrible mistake? It won’t grow back, you know!

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