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Background Check Fails After Texas Shooter Lies on Permit Application

Liberal Americans who immediately showered the internet with their misguided opinions in the wake of the horrific Texas church shooting yesterday now have some explaining to do.

Every time that America is faced with a tragedy such as what occurred on Sunday morning in Sutherland, Texas, there is a political reverberation that the entire nation must endure.  The liberal left will always find a way to vilify the weapon instead of the madman, and the conservative viewpoint will likely always counter with the tried and true argument about “outlaws” being the only ones with “outlawed” guns.

Then, predictably, we begin to hear murmurs about stricter background checks, better mental health evaluations, and stringent examinations that will make sure that only well-qualified Americans will own firearms.  By applying the reality of the “outlaw” argument to this background check argument, the latter becomes an absurdly simple facsimile of the former.

In the case of church shooter Devin Kelley, the argument for more stringent background checks has become moot after it was found that Kelley should have been disqualified from purchasing the murder weapons based on his background, but was not due to certain human error.

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“It has now emerged that the person who shot 26 people dead in Texas Sunday was previously denied a firearms carry permit and lied on the background check to purchase the murder weapon.

“Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Monday that Devin Patrick Kelley was denied a gun permit on the grounds that he had a criminal record, and a history of mental health problems after being dishonorably dischargedfrom the air force in 2014.

“Reports suggest that Kelley bought a Ruger-AR556 rifle in April 2016 from a store in San Antonio, but that he lied on the required background forms, denying he had a ‘disqualifying criminal history.’”

Even though Kelley was a criminal, (“outlaw” for our argument), he was able to procure this firearm through legal channels simply by gambling on whether or not someone else would do their  job correctly.

Unfortunately for the victims of yesterday’s attack, the liberal hopes and wishes surrounding firearm background checks failed.


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