Michael Avenatti

Avenatti Gets Half-Sarcastic Praise from Pro-Kavanaugh Cocktail Guests

During the final throes of the tumultuous confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, an interesting notion was becoming clear.

That notion:  The glut of claims of sexual misconduct by Judge Kavanaugh may have very well helped his bid for the nomination.  I’ll explain:

Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford’s allegations against Judge Kavanaugh, once they were finally brought forth at the eleventh hour, constituted a very real and serious charge that deserved investigation.  During the multiple investigations into the accusations, not a single corroborating witness was discovered, nor did any number of experts on the matter find it possible to create a criminal case from the alleged incident.

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In the aftermath, a number of other women had come forward to claim that Kavanaugh had also been inappropriate, including the most ludicrous and salacious claims coming from a client of Michael Avenatti – the “creepy porn lawyer” himself.  These insinuations, officially uncorroborated as are all allegations against Kavanaugh currently, were heinous to say the least.  Avenatti’s client was claiming that Brett Kavanaugh engaged in the drugging and gang raping of women during his time in college.

This claim specifically and irrefutably exposed a raw nerve within the national discourse, opening the door of doubt for many who were convinced of Kavanaugh’s menace and malice.  Avenatti, as he is wont to do, went with the most salacious option available to him, and forever altered the history of Kavanaugh’s chaotic confirmation.  These bizarre and unverifiable allegations showed Americans something uncomfortable:  Claims and allegations are not fact, no matter how uncomfortable they are.

Did Avenatti’s decision to push forward in this absurdity affect the ability of Judge Kavanaugh to earn his confirmation?  Definitely “yes” according to a number of Trump administration insiders.

Administration officials and some of the outside groups who supported Kavanaugh’s nomination gathered for a happy hour hosted at Trump Hotel on Saturday night following the confirmation of Kavanaugh after the Democrats’ brutal campaign against him, Axios reports.

During the event, according to Axios’ sources, a “senior person at one of the outside groups” joked with administration officials that Avenatti must’ve been on the GOP payroll.

“You guys put Avenatti up to it, right?” he said, a source told Axios.

The source added that it was impossible to “overstate how important Michael Avenatti’s role in this [confirmation] was” in helping to convince wavering senators that the Democrats were conducting a shameless smear campaign against the eminently qualified nominee, citing Maine Republican Susan Collins’ reference to Swetnick’s salacious “gang rape” claims as evidence.

I’m not sure what the antithesis to a “feather in the cap” is, but Michael Avenatti sure has a number of them.


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