An Avalanche of Sexual Harassment Charges Now Slamming Democrats from Coast to Coast

The floodgates have truly been thrown wide open after the accusations against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein was taken down. Thanks to the Weinstein case dozens of men in the entertainment industry have been fired or disgraced. But, now the flood turns to politics as accusations threaten to drown officials in every sector of government, from local and state all the way to Washington DC.

Weeks after journalist Ronan Farrow’s blockbuster article in The New Yorker that revealed a group of women who accused Hollywood movie producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault cases that stretch back decades, literally dozens of women came forward to make similar accusations against Weinstein.

Weinstein was ruined, but he wasn’t the only member of the entertainment/media industry to see a wave of accusations. A long list of others also came under a microscope. The result was dozens of firings of highly placed people in fields such as movies, radio, TV, sports, and the news media. Even a celebrity chef was ruined by the wave.

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While the flood of accusations may have receded in Hollywood and the media, the tsunami of accusations has not stopped, it has only changed direction rolling downhill from the world of pop culture to politics. And it is beginning to wash over Washington DC.

Yesterday, on December 14, Minnesota Senator Al Franken announced his resignation a day after yet another woman came forward with a credible accusation that Franken had sexually molested her.

The former comedian and election fraudster didn’t resign because of the women, though. He resigned because nearly every Democrat Senator joined a campaign to force him to resign.

Still, even with his resignation, Franken wasn’t really apologetic in the least. In fact, he pretty much straight out called all his accusers liars.

Franken’s resignation came two days after Representative John Conyers (D, MI), also resigned over allegations of sexual molestation.

Then, on the same day Franken announced his eventual resignation, Republican Representative Trent Franks also announced his resignation from Congress. Franks didn’t resign over a charge of sexual harassment, exactly. He resigned because he had “inappropriately” asked a few female staffers if they would consider being a surrogate mother for his wife’s child.

He may have made them uncomfortable and maybe it was inappropriate, but it wasn’t really sexual harassment.

That isn’t all. Freshman Democrat Representative Ruben Kihuen responded to calls that he resign after accusations of sexual harassment were again levied against him. Kihuen, though, said that not only would he not resign, but Democrat Minority leader Nancy Pelosi knew all about the accusations lodged against him but supported him anyway. So, there!

In Texas, the story of disgusting Democrat behavior gets even more… salacious (as if that were possible)!

Outside of Congress — but related — former congressman Harold Ford, Jr., was also fired by his employer, Morgan Stanley, for sexual misconduct. Also, Daily Beast just published a piece on the “horror stories” of sexual harassment at the Texas capitol in Austin.

According to USA Today, the list is growing, but the number of troubled politicians we are seeing today seems to be only the beginning. Rumors abound throughout the media that several blockbuster stories are about to break exposing dozens of members of congress as being sexual predators.

So, America, get ready for more troubles to come.

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