Australian Time Capsule Letter Eerily Predicts Global Islamic Holy War 22 Years Ago

While the left is busy using the phrase “Islamophobia” to brand their opponents as bigots, a 22 year old letter discovered in the wall of an Australian bathroom begs to differ.

The letter itself was left as a sort of time-capsule by an expecting Australian couple who wanted to memorialize this special time in their lives.  In the letter, among tidbits of personal information and anecdotes, were grim predictions for the future.  One such prediction featured the coming transformation of China into a worldwide superpower, with their economic oppression possibly being used to target Australia.

Another eerie prediction from the letter, however, is turning heads around the globe with its reference to radical Islam and its widespread chaos and violence.

“Greg Wilkinson’s incredible vision of life in 2060 was found by a tradesman Sasha Ilic hidden in the bathroom wall of his former property in Sydney, Australia.

“The letter, accompanied by a picture of Greg and his wife Roslyn Green on their wedding day, was penned on Easter Sunday April 15, 1995 when the then 39-year-old was renovating the home in the Rozelle district.

“Chillingly, Greg accurately predicted conflict involving warped forms of Islam before the 9/11 attacks and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“He wrote: ‘Islam will become the next ideological problem, sparking an equal and opposite reaction plunging large parts of the globe into a ridiculous “Holy War”.’

“This battle could end when ‘both sides realise that if this is what their God wants, then there probably isn’t one after all’, Greg added.”

Now, as the world is finally coming to grips with the religious violence being implemented by followers of the Islamic faith, Greg’s predictions take on a wholly terrifying new light.

The threat of radical Islam has been realized in recent years, despite a widespread effort by American democrats and other global leftists to downplay the actions of these horrific actions.  Not only are terrorist organizations such as ISIS continuing to radicalize the entirety of the faith, but the wholesale relocation of a great many Muslims through the exploitation of the Syrian refugee crisis has resulted in radicalized “no-go” zones in several European nations.  In these dangerous areas, police have all but abandoned their hope of enforcing secular law, allowing these Muslim communities to implement and enforce their own Shariah code.


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