The Audacity of Barack Hussein Obama

His campaign slogan during the 2008 Presidential cycle was “Yes We Can.”  And during his farewell and good riddance speech on Tuesday, January 10, 2017, Barack Hussein Obama touted “Yes We Did.”

What was this statement in reference too?  During the 2008 election cycle, Obama said that he wanted to change the very fundamentals of this nation.  So yes, he accomplished his goal.

I’ve often noted that Obama was simply in the right place at the right time.  He was a man aimlessly walking through a muddy field stepping in the right puddle.

He gained the most powerful office in the world without any real credentials and absolutely no accomplishments.  He served for a few years in the Illinois State Senate and less than two years in the U.S. Senate.

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During this time, He never wrote a single bill or sponsored a single piece of legislation.  Oh, he was a community organizer — whatever that meant.

In fact, his chief accomplishment may be that he has set race relations back 40 years.  As a result of Barack Hussein Obama, we are more polarized than ever before.

For me, it started with the 2008 intimidation of white voters by members of the New Black Panther Party who stood outside a poll in military garb carrying nightsticks.  The Obama Justice Department under the equally racist Eric Holder did nothing. And from there it went downhill. See Washington (Com) Post

During his speech Tuesday evening, Obama focused on gains made during his two-term presidency.  Unlike Ronald Reagan, who had coattails after eight years which helped sweep George H.W. Bush into office, Obama had none.  Ziltch.  Nada!

Contrary to the bubble he and Washington insiders live, Obama’s so-called popularity couldn’t help get the “most qualified person who ever ran for president” in the White House.

By the way, his supposed popularity comes to us from the same people who conducted the polls during the 2016 election in which Hillary Clinton was supposed to win hands down!

So what were the “gains” this country supposedly made under Obama?  Using the IRS to target Obama’s enemies? Benghazi? Spying on the press like the AP? Fast and Furious disaster? Solyndra? You can keep your policy and your doctor?  Drawing a red line in the sand?  The JV team known as ISIS or ISIL?  Five-Billion-dollar ransom for the deserter Bowe Bergdahl?  Refusing to secure the border just to get more democrat voters?  Killing of police officers by black assailants in record numbers?  S & P Downgrade?  The increase in premiums and deductible for working American’s so 20 million democrat voters could have healthcare?  The Beer Summit? The highest percentage of Americans on Food Stamps and Medicaid…ever? 92,898,000 Americans over 16 years not working?  Lowest labor force participation rate of 62.7%?  Naming Communist like Van Jones to Czar positions? Trying to govern by executive order (if Trump does this Democrat have no ground to complain)!  The Iran nuclear deal?  Disrespecting Israel? Obamacare roll out? NSA spying on American Citizens?  Allowing mentally ill transvestites to use the same public restroom at the same time as a 10-year-old girl?

Trust me!  I could continue for many more pages.

I predict Obama will go down as the worst president in history.  He has nearly destroyed the fundamentals of this nation.  And he and the Democrats have the audacity to wonder why American’s voted his party out!

Jimmy Carter has a lot to be thankful for today!



Jerry Johnson

Jerry Johnson was the former Director of the Apologetics Group and President of Nicene Council. He was the senior writer/researcher for numerous documentaries including the best-selling Amazing Grace: The History & Theology of Calvinism. In the 1990s he served as Executive Director of the Christian Coalition of Hillsborough County Florida. He currently holds an M.A. in Christian Studies and a M. Phil. in Christian Apologetics. He lives with his wife of nearly 30 years and has four children and four grandchildren.

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