Once Again Attempt to Regulate Abortion Struck Down

We have the most regulation of probably any country in history. We regulate food, drink, medicine, industry, trash and almost anything else that you could name. But there is one thing the bureaucrats at every level of government will not stand to be regulated; the murder of the unborn.

Christian News reports

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The Oklahoma Supreme Court has struck down a state abortion law that it says both violates the “one subject” rule and “continues to place undue burdens on access to abortion under the guise of protecting the health of women.”

In January, the New York-based Center for Reproductive Rights filed suit on behalf of Oklahoma abortionist Larry Burns to challenge a multi-faceted law centering on youth who obtain abortions.

The law required criminal penalties for anyone who helps a minor obtain an abortion without their parents’ consent, mandated samples to be taken from aborted babies whose mothers were younger than 14 in order for rape investigations to be conducted by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, and gave permission to the Department of Health to conduct unscheduled inspections of abortion facilities.

Once again, any attempt to make these murder factories accountable for what they do is being struck down. And it shows once again that the murder proponent has little if any more care for the born as the unborn.

Who cares if a minor acts contrary to their parent’s wishes? Who care if the girl was raped by a relative and was being made to cover it up by killing the baby that that rape produced.

The people of Oklahoma should be outraged that the court set up to protect them from the infringing of their rights by the powerful is doing the opposite by empowering the murder industry to operate unhindered in the killing of their children.

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