After Attack on Christians in Egypt, Trump Has Harsh Words for Perpetrators

After a vicious attack on Coptic Christians in Egypt, U.S. President Donald Trump has taken a hard stance against their attackers.

Christians have undoubtedly been the world’s most persecuted religious group of our modern times, with vile and vicious attacks being waged against them in a myriad of countries in innumerable ways.  The latest incident, occurring in Egypt at the start of Ramadan, has been condemned almost unanimously, with only clandestine terror networks disgustingly celebrating the horrific attack.

Now, as the world fights religious terrorism on a global scale, U.S. President Donald Trump has stepped into the ring to make a bold and pressing statement regarding the incident.  Judging by the Commander in Chief’s tone, there will be no mincing of words or pulling punches in this fight for the foreseeable future.

“’This merciless slaughter of Christians in Egypt tears at our hearts and grieves our souls,’ he said, after terrorists shot at a bus, killing at least 28 people.

” Trump again criticized the ‘depraved, twisted, and thuggish ideology’ of terrorists, promising to fight on eliminating them from the world.
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“’The bloodletting of Christians must end, and all who aid their killers must be punished,’ he said.

“Trump vowed that America would help defend historic Christian communities in the Middle East.

“’Civilization is at a precipice — and whether we climb or fall will be decided by our ability to join together to protect all faiths, all religions, and all innocent life,’ he said.”

While those directly affected by modern terrorism are keen to the fact that radical Islam is targeting Christians almost exclusively, many around the globe are still convinced that terrorists have been waging a war on a societal way of life and not a religious one.  This unfounded accusation can be traced back to September 11th, when many American politicians believed, and repeated, that those dastardly attacks were meant to shake our principles of freedom and prosperity.

Now, as the global war on terror becomes far more intimately intertwined with our modern world, it has become apparent that this outlook was far from correct.  Investigations into these heinous attacks, and the confessional tirades being posted by ISIS and their ilk, paint a much different picture; one of holy war.

After the recent train bombings in Saint Petersburg, Russia, the radical Islamic forces behind the attack were quick to clarify that they were targeting “worshipers of the Cross”, not just the Russians for their involvement in the fight against ISIS in Syria.  For many, this was a revelation of radical Islam’s reality.

Now, as Ramadan continues, and global terror consistently increased in scope and severity, we must all recognize this conflict for what it is:  A war on Christianity.

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