Atheist Suing Mayor over Giant Cross

Usually, when I write about atheists and lawsuits, it has to do with schools or organizations. More times than not, these stories have to do with the perceived separation of church and state. This time, you will not believe why a Texas atheist is bringing a lawsuit.

Fox reports

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Lifelong atheist Patrick Greene has a huge problem with a giant cross under construction alongside Interstate 37 in Corpus Christi, Texas – a city whose name literally means “Body of Christ.”
“It’s tacky as hell,” Mr. Greene told me.
But Mr. Greene did not file a lawsuit because he believes the cross is tacky. Nor did he file a lawsuit because of potential safety hazards.
He filed a lawsuit because the mayor and other city leaders attended a groundbreaking ceremony for the cross.

Mr. Greene does not think that these government officials should be allowed to attend church in their official capacity. The mayor and council members should not, according to Greene, be able to attend such things.

But why?

Fox continued

“When I saw the mayor in her official position and the council in their official positions were attending a groundbreaking ceremony for a Christian symbol – that smacked right in the face of the Constitution of the state of Texas,” he said.


And he also sued Preacher Milby.
He was accused of violating the law by inviting the mayor and the council members to the groundbreaking, the Caller-Times reports.

But in reality, the problem is that Greene wants no reminder of Christ or Christianity. He can say that he is worried about motorist safety. He can claim that he wants to uphold the Texas Constitution. But in reality, he wants to rid our country of any semblance of faith.

It is not the mayor or council members’ participation that he hates, it is the Cross. Because in the cross is the reminder of his sin.

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