Atheist Files Federal Lawsuit to Remove This Monument in Maryland

It is hard not to see that there are those who want to fight Christianity. They hate every outward display of Christian belief. They claim that these displays offend them and that they should not have to endure them on government property.

Once again, an atheist is seeking the removal of a monument. This man is offended by the monument.

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Christian News reports

A humanist in Maryland has filed a federal lawsuit in seeking the removal of a Ten Commandments monument outside of a county courthouse.

“It offended me then, and it offends me now,” Jeffrey Davis, an emergency room physician, told the Baltimore Sun on Monday.

According to Davis and his attorneys, this monument is a violation of the Establishment Clause. But, there are several problems with this line of thinking.

First, the county courthouse is not a federal building. The Establishment Clause is for the Federal government and not state or local governments.  This is why all states have their own Constitution.

Second, there is the fact that there is no law guaranteeing that Mr. Davis will never be offended. Where do we get the right to expect never to see things that we do not agree with or like? This is a ridiculous and unrealistic expectation at best.

And third, as a motion filed by Alliance Defending Freedom points out, this kind of case loses on precedence.

Christian News continues

Recently, the legal group Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) filed a motion for dismissal of Davis’ suit, noting that a nearly identical monument was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.

“[H]is broad stroke recitation of the elements of an Establishment Clause claim does not survive Van Orden, where the Supreme Court made abundantly clear that the presence of a Ten Commandments monument identical to the one at issue here—indeed, one that, like here, was donated by the Eagles—on public lands is not itself a violation of the Establishment Clause,” it wrote.

If the law and procedure are upheld, then Davis is spitting into the wind. But because of the Churches’ lack of concern for the Law of God, this will probably come to more than we would hope.

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