Atheist Dawkins Discovers he has Proven too Much

We all can be guilty of shortsighted actions. It has, I am sure, happened to the best and brightest. We think that we know what is the best for all, and acting find that we have made things worse. This is the situation for famed Atheist, Richard Dawkins.

Breitbart reports

In a text that is coursing about on social media, professional God-slayer Richard Dawkins begrudgingly admitted that Christianity may actually be our best defense against aberrant forms of religion that threaten the world.

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“There are no Christians, as far as I know, blowing up buildings,” Dawkins said. “I am not aware of any Christian suicide bombers. I am not aware of any major Christian denomination that believes the penalty for apostasy is death.”

Now, this is the famed atheist who opined that child abuse was better than raising a child Catholic. And I am sure that Dawkins would not have preferred that the childern are raised Protestant either. It was the situation that required the statement.

Now, faced with the idea of what is quickly taking the place of Christianity, there seems to have been a change of heart. In the Muslim, we are seeing terror attacks and child molestation. It is in times of such atrocity that those making such shocking statements find how shocking they actually were.

Things are always preferable until we see the thing for ourselves.

Breitbart continued

Because of this realization, Dawkins wondered aloud whether Christianity might indeed offer an antidote to protect western civilization against jihad.

“I have mixed feelings about the decline of Christianity, in so far asChristianity might be a bulwark against something worse,” he said.

It is easy for those with opposing worldviews to live off of the benefits of Christianity and all it has built and then criticize that benefactor.

Dawkins is now comparable to the spoiled child complaining about his capitalist father’s business practices while eating his food, driving his car, and living in his mansion.

When brought to the reality that something has to take the place of Yahweh, then comes the realization of the Hell that would come with that replacement.

Breitbart reports

Although the text originated in 2010, it has taken on a second life, being sent to and fro on Facebook and Twitter and providing fodder for discussions, even among atheists, of the benefits of Christianity for modern society.

This is taking on a life of its own because the horror that has followed the decline of Christianity in our society. People are learning that the only hope is Christ. It was Christ who saved Europe from the Muslim scourge, and only He can save us again. And it seems that Dawkins has said as much.

Breitbart continues

In a rare moment of candor, Dawkins reluctantly accepted that the teachings of Jesus Christ do not lead to a world of terror, whereas followers of radical Islam perpetrate the very atrocities that he laments.

Because of this realization, Dawkins wondered aloud whether Christianity might indeed offer an antidote to protect western civilization against jihad.

Now, if we can get our culture to not just accept this truth, but also repent of their sin, we might have a hope of saving our society.

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