Astute Viewers Notice Something Truly Askew During Stormy Interview

The leftist media has been far more Ronald McDonald than Edward R. Murrow lately, serving up nothing burgers at a record setting pace.

CNN.  30 million served.

As Robert Mueller’s witch hunt continues to gather stakes with no one to burn on them, the mainstream media has been forced to dredge the proverbial lake, or maybe the swamp, in order to vilify and delegitimize the President.  That means a healthy dose of sex, drugs, and rock and roll in order to keep viewers tuned in through those all-important commercial breaks.

While the rock and roll portion of the program has been ongoing for years thanks to folks like Snoop Dogg, Moby, and Madonna, the media still had to find some sex or drugs to pin on the Prez.

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Enter Stormy Daniels.

Stormy Daniels is no stranger to the small screen. In her two decades as an adult entertainer, she’s appeared in 275 films and directed 91. Her accolades include 19 awards as a performer, including three wins for “Favorite Breasts,” and another seven awards as a director. She also belongs to three different adult-industry halls of fame.

Daniels is the latest in a long line of those attempting to disparage our Commander in Chief, rising from obscurity to accuse the President of having an affair with her nearly a dozen years ago.  In the civilized world, this is called “riding someone’s coattails”…on the left it’s “brave and heroic”.

Now, the over-the-hill adult actress has taken her story to primitive, having given an interview to the once-venerable 60 Minutes news program just last night.  During the interview, several Americans noticed something particular, and peculiar, about Stormy Daniels’ appearance.

As in, “she appeared to be on cocaine“.

Many pointed out that the porn star’s pupils appeared to be very dilated.

‘Why is Stormy Daniels eyes dilated? Is she on drugs or something?#StormyDanielsDay,’ Twitter user Dakota Flynn demanded to know.

Blythe Bernhard wrote: ‘Health reporter tweet here. Why are Stormy Daniels’ pupils so dilated in that bright room? AC’s aren’t. Ok carry on. #60minutes.’

Just how bad are we talking here?  Judge for yourself:

Stormy Daniels

Of course, we also have to consider the fact that Daniels was professionally lit by a consummate production team who wouldn’t be airing on the side of “dim”.  If anything, the former actress‘ pupils should have been minuscule.

The only other option would be a bizarre choice of contact lens meant to give the former sex symbol a youthful, doe-eyed appearance.  That’s not what Twitter thought.

There was a small light shining at the end of the tunnel, however.


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