Brett Kavanugh

Assassination-Happy Liberals Bemoan Trump’s Tough Twitter Talk

It has become routine at this point to call attention to the hypocrisy of the left side of American politics, but some instances of their misguided rage are too incredible to pass up.

Such is the case with the “outrage” today.

For those of you lucky enough to have been insulated from the left’s most recent outburst against our President, the basic gist is this:  After months of being threatened by a deranged and diminutive despot on the Korean Peninsula, Donald Trump finally let the little twerp know exactly where he stands, in impossible to misinterpret language.  This, believe it or not, has an entire subsection of the American community incensed, calming that the Commander in Chief is some sort of testicular-ly challenged cowboy looking to start a nuclear war.

Come on, lefties.  Even you won’t be able to employ enough semantic gymnastics to make this accusation stick.  Let’s take a look at the exchange itself.

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First, we have Kim Jong Un:  A tiny man with a tiny chip on his tiny shoulder.  He just happens to be in charge of a tiny nuclear arsenal, (currently), and a tiny Asian nation.  Last week, this dainty dictator decided to send an over threat toward Trump, saying that the “nuclear button” was “always on his desk”.

This threat came after Kim had already acquiesced to a possible dialogue with longtime enemy South Korea, and was likely nothing more than a backhanded insult being hurled after being frightened into behaving by the U.S. military forces parked on his doorstep.

Today, U.S. President Donald Trump fired back, reminding Kim exactly where he and his military stand in the scheme of things.


This is what sent the liberal echo machine over the edge today, as the entire leftist hive mind began attacking President Trump over his choice of words.

Of course, this has led much of the nation to wonder when tough talk became such a controversial part of a Commander in Chief’s repertoire?  Surely, this wasn’t the case during George W. Bush’s two terms in office, especially given the horrific challenges that he faced in the aftermath of the September 11th terror attacks on the East Coast.  Do we even want to imagine how many more Americans would be hurt or worse if Bush II has decided to play Obama-style politics with radical Islam?

Former President Barack Obama is certainly a major culprit in the wuss-ification of our nation, with his capitulatory attitude toward ISIS, Iran, North Korea, and other threats to the western world.  During his eight abhorrent years in office, the left gradually became accustomed to U.S. leaders bowing and bending to the will of the world, leading to this bizarre “shock” being felt by the nation’s progressives today.

We mustn’t also forget that these liberals are the same ones who applauded Kathy Griffin for her mock photo shoot with the severed head of Donald Trump.

kathy griffin
This is okay, but explaining reality to a despot in Asia is unacceptable?

For all of their social media malarky, the left will be glad that our button is bigger than North Korea’s, should Kim attempt to send a care package to liberal Los Angeles in the coming months.

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