Asked About ISIS Defeat in Middle East, Trump Had THIS To Say

There are a number of successes for Donald Trump to hang his hat on this already in December, and the near eradication of ISIS in Syria is one of them.

ISIS, the caliphate successor to the ever-dastardly al Qaeda, has been terrorizing the world at large for years.  From their home base in the middle east, these radical Islamic scumbags have traversed the globe, wreaking havoc on innocent civilians and delivering bloodshed to the farthest reaches of our modern society.

Europe has been hit particularly hard in recent years as a wave of Syrian “refugees” have poured into EU member nations.  Given the European Union’s bizarre push to bring in as many migrants as possible, the hasty vetting processes installed by these countries has allowed for an enormous influx of jihadists in disguise as well.

Like the old adage about how best to slay a serpent, U.S. President Donald Trump set out to remove the head of this radical Islamic beast before much more damage could be done.  Trump promised the American people that he would do so, and, with the help of his mighty military strategists, has seemingly achieved just that.

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When asked how, after so many previous failures, Trump was able to neuter the caliphate cowards, his simple answer was astonishing and refreshing.

“President Trump, at an event where he blew ‘a big, beautiful kiss’ to the Marine Corps, said that the military has triumphed over ISIS because he didn’t interfere in their mission and demand a final approval like the Obama White House.

“In the first presidential address in eight years to Marine Helicopter Squadron One at Quantico, Va., responsible for Marine One, he said troops in the field now have the green light to attack.

 “’You know, we’ve made tremendous success and had tremendous success now with getting rid of ISIS in Iraq and Syria. I let them do their job. You don’t have to call the White House when you’re getting ready to fight. You know, in the old times — the last administration — you called the White House and you get approval. Not anymore. Not anymore,’ said Trump.

“Trump said that the military ‘just started winning’ under his leadership, and he credited military leaders for taking his signals and running with them.

“’I let the colonels and the majors and the all of them — the captains — that’s what they do. They graduate, they’re smart, they’re tough, and they do their job. They don’t have to call me to get approval to go into battle,’ he said.”

I let them do their job.

For a man with admittedly little experience in military and political matters, Donald Trump sure seems to understand that very basic nature of the war on terror:  Sic the best military minds on the planet on the jerks, and let our boys and girls tear them to pieces.


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